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Wireless monitoring easy to use, wireless monitoring advantages of use 【Graphic】

2018-01-16 09:23:58

in wartime, monitoring surveillance indispensable important means, has been the enemy spy struggle in many film and television works, since wireless technology development, all sorts of listeners are boarded the stage of history.Now, with the continuous development of science and technology, monitoring technology is also advancing with The Times, has been applied in more fields, shopping malls and supermarkets to install monitoring, bank counter installed monitor, even traffic lights at the crossroads will install many monitoring facilities, and even many families will install monitoring, some of them are in order to guard against theft, some are afraid of the babysitter will abuse of children while parents are not at home, and the demand for monitoring also has all kinds of occasions, today we will look at whether monitoring together with small make up the use and selection of what are the secrets.

in general, more high-end products on the market now is wireless monitoring equipment, that didn't have wireless monitoring because of its line connection problem, more convenient in installation, need other cable buried pipeline, and update also is more convenient in maintenance, can according to the needs of monitoring sites within a certain range shift monitoring equipment installation location, to say the wireless monitoring has many advantages of cheap, is also all kinds of wireless monitoring products on the market is also emerge in endlessly.

why in wireless monitoring firmly occupy the market of cable monitoring devices at the same time still occupies a place?Can say this is associated with the signal transmission model of wireless monitoring, in general, wireless monitoring the video signal through the simulation of weibo, digital weibo and 3 g or 4 g network transmission, for home monitoring equipment or do not have the professional knowledge of the users, in the process of installation video modulation may occur because the installation or is lead to problems such as signal transmission way signal network interruption, picture black screen and so on all sorts of problems.And cable monitoring video transmission process is because the cable wired signal transmission, such as basic won't appear the problem.

and in addition to the above questions, pay attention to privacy and hackers are in information age, we should focus on wireless surveillance video taken by security, because in the process of the wireless signal transmission are all connected to the host and monitor the computer network, for many, access to common video monitoring equipment can be as simple as cracking neighbor's WIFI password, without having to connect to the Internet, wireless video you do not need to worry about these problems.

listen to the small make up a professional point of view, we have be afraid of hidden trouble in security wireless monitoring and, of course, most of us have absolutely no peep privacy habit, but also in monitoring safety protection equipment will do better more, as for the instability in the process of video transmission in most cases results from our unconscious under interference, is not yet solved.

with the continuous development of wireless monitoring and improvement of cable monitoring equipment defects also doomed it will quit the historical stage.Therefore, when we choose monitoring products, bearings for you?

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