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Wireless network is disabled how to open

2018-01-18 16:25:42

sometimes friends may find that their own wireless networks are disabled, so how do we open a computer wireless network?, of course, it won't be a problem for many computer expert, but some friends about this not too clear, so here small make up to introduce the wireless network is disabled after reopen method, of course there are times when you encounter this problem may be the problem of wireless network card driver, so here small make up to introduce processing method, only want to help to the friends to reference!

we can see that our wireless network is disabled state now!Can click on the icon at the bottom of the network at this time of

open network and sharing center!

in network and sharing center, we can see some of the menu on the left and home page of the control panel, management of wireless network, change adapter Settings, and so on, we want to set wireless network connection, so choose change adapter Settings menu, as shown in the figure below

there we can see the current state of the wireless network is disabled.

click the right mouse button, this time will pop up a menu, the menu can be seen to enable the menu, we click enable menu, and then began to enable wireless network connection.Enabled wireless network connection, from gray to green again state, enable the success.

you can see now wireless network connection is normal, now can connect wireless network access to the Internet!

if network connections, click on the enable disabled but disable?Reason 1:

wireless network card driver problem to check whether it is right, the wireless network card drive can choose to go to the official website to download the corresponding models of wireless network card driver.Plug in the cable network, wireless driver updated

reason two: wireless network card has been disable

enabled wireless network card in the device manager

three reasons: may disable the wireless WLAN AutoConfig service.

right-click my computer, management, services and applications, and services.Unfolds find WLAN AutoConfig, right-click properties, select start automatically, and start the service.

for four: related software still wlan server cannot be started

repair using the software of a key.

reason 5: try to uninstall the original wireless driver, then use cable network to download new wireless driver.

if you have questions, please find a specialist maintenance.

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