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Wireless router can not get in and ping nowhere solution

2018-01-22 10:29:40

make the net in the home, want to change a wireless router leisure, but not logged in, ie, opera sogou browser display all doesn't work.So, the answer will have two, or to change the browser crashes or a router, open written all Internet googl how, or even correct spelling ~  between met is today, so determined to make a make it, the undead endlessly.

page enter can't open the router Settings...Struggle, fear solving steps:

try ping the IP impassability, means to check the computer have what Settings prevent computer and wireless router connected (for example, firewall, IP Settings incorrectly) left

- operated outside the column - input ping carriage return (note to have space after ping Otherwise no) ping once before So it's easy to accept

ping result: Request time out (said: query timeout), sent to send data, lost lost data.At the very least lost less than can be sent through, like this situation is not ping!

if not timed out that ping with, it is a pity I don't have good luck, otherwise is not permitted...

reference to others saying: if you can't ping the Internet see if router prohibit ping

ping different solutions..

online neighbors - right-click properties -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- local connection right attribute...In the open window Under the second box will list dragged on, choose Internet protocol, commonly known as TCP/IP (the general time of broadband had set up the local connection, for that is the place) at the bottom of the

- point attribute Select automatic or lack of IP address or DNS server address automatically (fill in the IP address that too much trouble, can automatically, wood problem)

set out Determine the main points of the two, pay special attention to are two, otherwise the white working...

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- line -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

router connection problems to solve, make the follow-up questions, now is the problem of wireless router even the cat set,

er, once thought: thread hooded directly, it need some broadband connections, access road (there is stable before cat once took, can't even), then the infinite, even how half a broadband password...Don't have to lose?Omitted?Or...Don't have the password?

er (even though it's o & hellip;5 or input, set the password input TPLINK and connection of PSK password...By the wireless router to replace your broadband connection

browser address bar enter (he will display into

see this moment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- miss ah,!~ ~

admin lowercase input two times, the left like this...Determine

entering the TPLINK Settings page, click on the setup wizard from the list on the left, (vertical) the second

by default, click next until the input online account and password, do not remember the unicom, telecom call 10000 (10000) netcom 10000....Human services continue to dial 0. Remember to express fault, the operator will miss euphemism tell you dialed the wrong, this number we tube. No return.

points to complete end of the wizard Settings, this

so, the key is to save the password online router set up.

in the network parameters, WAN port Settings, you can set the connection mode, such as automatic connection, when need connection, and the manual connection...Select save after

are now all set up complete, later is to restart the router...(you can click system tools - restart router) simply pull out the power, then plug in can...

reference sites have figure explanation...

the novice can first see the setup wizard!Select setup wizard appears below:

click next, as shown in figure:

again, next is the login screen:

 set later appears below the: congratulations,

router set!Now we come to

the network parameters, the WAN port Settings can easily on the Internet.Select "Network parameters "Options, and then choose a LAN port parameter is set, the following Settings will be shown.This option is to set the parameters of the router.Now

router Settings have been completed, the rest is to restart the router!

according to the above click!Normally connected to cable can surf the Internet, if still can not, it will set up the IP!Out according to the way of the top

IP Settings: the diagram below:

above the ring will be your own set of parameters and fill in the broadband service providers in the DNS for your DNS, everywhere is different, here we use GOOGLE to provide DNS address, using the DNS is common, but also to screen out the local telecom ads.Then click confirm can surf the Internet!If you still could not restart the computer!For

hours, rummaging N pages, I broke the routing can connect to the Internet, I haven't understand wireless fun it's important to remember that

will insist, will be fruit (successful)!Is time consuming, long and then finds the key to reduce time loss, total ratio, not to stay one day have to repair, today a lot.

not the rain and lead noms there will be it!Keeps things such as, but was caught off guard...

pages related to the specific records to see...

wireless router connected successful DONE


note: if you don't know the router IP address, DNS address, select "Automatically obtain IP address "And "Obtain DNS server address automatically "Is usually no problem.But there are many computer, Internet access Shared wireless router, suggested to fill out.This enables multiple computers to be able to use the Windows "Sharing "And quickly copy information to other computers.

will now be put after the network cable (for ADSL user, that is, the LAN port on the Modem derivation will be cable) in the router on the WLAN (pay attention to the WLAN, not LAN), take your computer above the LAN port of the router (usually have multiple LAN port, can be arbitrarily choose one).Similar diverter

router itself Several excuses, don't answer the wrong, wrong defeated...

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