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Wireless router anti-rub network ultimate perfect tutorial

2018-01-22 17:51:02

"Free WiFi Internet "The hype, more and more people are giving "Free lunch "The lure of joined "Ceng network "The ranks of the.At the same time, many people also find their own wireless network "Tore the net "That wireless router is WiFi master key software such as broken.Little imagine, "WaiHuo from internal cause ".The following will detailed illustrations wireless key leaked process.

note: this article in tp cc-link router, for example, set the method similar to other brand routers, just could not login router method, such as a router login address, etc., but the principle can be reference for this tutorial.

a, why rub my wireless will be?


wireless key leaked interpretation process: a cell phone connection installed the ceng network software on its own wireless network, ceng network software will be automatically or manually upload wireless network name and password to it on the server.When others use installed the ceng network software mobile search to the wireless signal, can access to the wireless network password, so as to achieve the aim of ceng network.

in other words, when you use a ceng network software enjoy "Free lunch "When your "Lunch "Is probably also be others to share.

2, wireless network unencrypted

we compare wireless network to a home, so the name of the wireless network is a door, the wireless network password is a lock of the door.If there is no lock, and others as long as find the door, you can freely in and out of the house, even to take home.Unencrypted wireless network is also called an open wireless network, search the signal of the wireless devices can see the network unencrypted, will try "Ceng network ".

3, wireless network be cracked

crack wireless networks generally the exhaustive method is adopted to brute force, in theory, as long as there is plenty of time, no crack password.

the WEP encryption wireless password is equivalent to A class A lock core lock (usually A router has been removed this encryption method), security coefficient is low, only against A few minutes;The WPA/connected is super class B lock core, security coefficient is higher, if the password is more complex, generally will not be cracked.

the second network, tore will bring what harm?Total

1 and influenced the stability of the network,

home network bandwidth is like a piece of cake, if you have others to share this cake, the rest may be enough to eat.If the ceng network using the network for P2P download or watch online video traffic operation, will inevitably take up a lot of bandwidth, network CARDS, slow and even drops, let a person crazy.


of door of guard against theft that their threat the network security keys being inside pocket, home may be is quietly away.Ceng net even on your wireless network, and you are on the same local area network (LAN) of can visit each other.He can access the router management interface to tamper with the router configuration information, also can access any computer in the same local area network (LAN), steal files even in a computer network account information, bring serious consequences.

three, how to judge my wireless was ceng net?

the most direct judgment method is to check the router management interface shows that the number of the current connection of the wireless network hosts.First, login to the router's management interface, the router's default management address for tplogin. Cn or, click on the equipment management, view has even equipment whether there is a strange device:

if visitors network is open, you can click on the equipment management ->->Visitors equipment, check whether there is a connection device:

suggest not open web visitors, if you need to open, be sure to set up guest wireless network password.In

if it is found that the equipment has a strange ceng network devices, click on the corresponding " equipment;Disable "And to add the device to blacklist.You can click on the equipment management ->->Has the equipment, check the disabled equipment:

if it is a traditional interface, click on the wireless set ->->Radio host status, view the current number of host is connected, as shown in the figure below.

for example: in the use of environment, you confirm that only two wireless terminals connected to the wireless network, but radio host status shows the current number of host to three, then rub your wireless network be network.

four, how to prevent tore the net?


[1], set up a wireless network set up wireless encryption.Tp - link the new interface (cloud routing) wireless router to the default use WPA wpa2-psk/connected wpa2-psk encryption, please login to the router's management interface, click the network state, set the wireless password Suggestions for the combination of letters, Numbers and symbols, password, and the length of the best in 12.

if it is a traditional interface, log in to the router's management interface, click on the wireless set ->->Wireless security Settings, the following figure:

[2] set up wireless MAC address filtering.If you use a network terminal basic fixed, not often have others to access the wireless network, suggest to enable wireless MAC address filtering, only allow all members of the family of equipment access.Log in to the router's management interface, click the application management ->->Wireless access control, click enter, the following graph:

note: part of the router temporarily does not support MAC address filtering function, please refer to other prevention network method.Detailed setting method please click on the reference:

tp - link wireless router MAC address filtering Settings tutorial diagram to

if it is a traditional interface, log in to the router's management interface, click on the wireless set ->->Wireless MAC address filtering, the use environment of wireless terminal MAC address is added to the allow list, and enable the rules:

[3] hidden wireless networks.Hidden network, others can't search your wireless signal, reduces the risk on the ceng network.Log into the router management interface, click the routing Settings ->->Wireless set, remove the tick in front of open radio, click save, the signal is "Hidden ".After

signal hidden, equipment connection for the first time when the need to manually enter the wireless network name and password, after the connection is successful, then can be automatically connected to the signal.

of the detailed setting method, please click on the reference: how to hide the WiFi signal to let others can't search?

2, careful "Ceng network software "

a installed "Ceng network software "The dangers of cell phone:

first to pit their wireless networks, fog will share to the surrounding people;Then even the wireless in the company, the company to the wireless network share out;On business hotel, go to the mall shopping, go to my friend's house guest & middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;Where went pit.

if your phone did not installed "WiFi master key "Such network software, but because one day a installed on your mobile phone to your friends, share your wireless network has been secretly.Irregular change the wireless password, can often prevent network.

"Ceng network software "Can achieve "Free WiFi Internet ", at the same time also has a huge safety concerns, you don't know who in the same local area network (LAN) with you, like you don't know what is and what kind of people stay in the same room.Free is good, and rub and treasure.

question answer:

thank you for being the focus of this article, the following is a part of the problem are put forward on the message in the solution:

1 new interface, the router MAC address filtering function, how to set?

if no " routersMAC address filtering "Or "Wireless access control "Function, it is suggested that hidden SSID and visitors to use network function.Hide the network, use only the home equipment connection;For the average visitor just told his visitor network wireless name and password.By visitors were unable to access the router management interface network connection terminal, also don't have access to network resources, so even if the guest has to install network software, also no threat to your home network.You can also select close in the absence of the guest visitors network.Please click on the reference:

tp -

2, wireless link visitors how to set the wireless network password leaked?

if your wireless password has already been leaked, suggest modify the wireless name and password, and uninstall all terminals on the WiFi crack/ceng network software, to prevent leaking again.

3, how to modify the wireless password?See above

in the fourth part (how to prevent tore network) in section 1.1 (set wireless encryption).You can also click on the reference:

tp - how to modify the wireless link router passwords (set, cancel)?Note:

if only change the wireless password, not modify the name of the wireless, wireless terminals need to delete before network configuration to connect wireless network.Suggest modify the wireless name and password at the same time.

4, install ceng network software before, now uninstalled, rub would be net?

if you used before installed the ceng network software terminal connection through a wireless network, even if the uninstall the software, rub your wireless network information still be network software server "Remember "Rub, so will still be net.The solution is to modify the name of the wireless and wireless password, use the new wireless name and password.

5, enterprise use wireless inconvenient binding MAC address, unable to see if someone else can also installed the network software, what should I do?

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