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Wireless router firewall filtering function setting method

2018-01-12 17:12:34

wireless router firewall filter mainly include IP address, MAC address filtering, port filter, domain name and url filtering, etc.Wireless router how to set up the firewall filtering?

in the wireless router Settings page, click "Filter Settings "And into the firewall filter Settings page."Filter Settings "Is the IP address filtering, keyword filtering, MAC address filtering, url domain keyword filter and the application of the main switch.If you choose to disable, that is, do not use the router's firewall capabilities.Only enabled after filtration control, to achieve filtering capabilities.Specific as follows:


LAN IP, IP address filtering is to control the local area network (LAN) access to the Internet, the wan IP is to control access to the remote IP address.They can be used separately, also can be combined use.LAN IP address for (such as control?For, new wan IP address? you can control the LAN IP address for to PC cannot access sina.)These shows we can control the area of any IP address (PC) terminal access to the Internet and Internet behavior;LAN can control access to the Internet, wan can control our access to a web site;

first of all, enter the IP address filter page, click "Immediately set "To enter "The NTP set ", click "Synchronization with the host "??"Application ", (note: the following each filter Settings must first in this setting can work normally) as follow: second, returns to the "Filter Settings ", select "IP address filtering "(IP address, the date and time of the filter can be customized), to control the IP address and name of defined rules to fill in, and then determine.


MAC address filtering based on MAC address control LAN host access to the Internet.Fill in the local area network (LAN) to control the MAC address of host.In "Filtering rules set "Place choose "Enable ", fill in "Rule name "And "MAC address "Good, and set the date and specific time period.


according to the website url filtering keyword filtering.Such as: want to filter out all "Sina "Website, please enter the keyword "Sina"Will filter out all contain "Sina"Relating to the wording, site;


according to the domain of keyword domain filtering filter to filter the keywords, such as: keyword contains the wording, such as qq.com, qq.com will filter.

5. Application filter

according to the MAC address or IP address some of the computer application, also can filter all applications on a computer, then only specify the application to filtering.Such as: time is not allowed to work on the QQ, we can through the specified MAC address or IP control section (, control of the user will not be able to QQ), application selection "Tencent QQ Protocol"(QQ, tencent's instant messaging software, date, time, can be customized (such as: Monday - Friday at 8:30 in the morning, afternoon 18:00).


specific operation is completed, you can according to their own requirements for filtering firewall Settings, achieve the goal of effective.JCG wireless router, help you to easily filter IP address, MAC address, port, domain name and web site, easy to manage your wireless network.

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