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Wireless router how to limit others speed? Use the router to control others speed graphic tutorials

2018-01-19 15:00:46

wireless router how speed limit others, believe that this is a lot of all want to know.With the same router, hard to avoid can appear some movies of speed, speed have a big impact for yourself.Today the home of the script speed control someone teach everyone to use routers, hope to be of help!

: router speed limit others method, of course, the premise is you must have the wireless router's administrative authority, can login in wireless router set.If you can't enter the wireless router, and cannot be speed limit others through wireless router.In this case, you need to use special software to implement wireless router to the speed limit.For example, the current domestic use more "Trunk network management "Software, you just need to install on a computer starts, you can scan to a wireless router here all of the computer, and then clicking on the computer you can limit the computer network, operation is very simple, and can also limit the computer P2P download, watching video online, etc., to prevent these Internet behavior rob speed and cause other people can't get to the Internet.As shown in the figure below:

figure: trunk network limited LAN network speed, speed control others function screenshots

figure: trunk network ban LAN P2P download, restrict online watch video capture,

a router Settings,

1, set the url to log on to their first routers, small make up, inside the browser will appear after the input the login window, enter the login password!

2, first of all, we can first take a look at your router with the IP address, click on the left navigation inside the IP and MAC binding - the ARP table!!

3, and then we can see the IP address of the router above paragraph, mostly start!!Look at good then set the IP address.

4, then in IP broadband control click the left navigation.And then click control rules!!!!!

5 is has already been set up, here small make up, not set click the button to add a new entry!

6, and then the most important thing is that the rule set, own IP can avoid this rule, such as section of instead - you can set the address, and then set your IP to, basic can control all routers in the speed of others!Port is set to 20-65535.This small make up is also a query online.Don't know why.Ha ha!!!!!Then is the control speed.Here according to the size of your network cable control better, there's no need to set too die.Can the average good is ok!!After

7, setting up good click ok!!!!!And then restart the router!!!!!The inside of the router Settings page navigation system Settings can be directly to restart the router inside!!2, computer set up above


after the router Settings, of course, just avoid this rule needs its own IP!Let's see your own IP address and DNS!This helpful to set up!Click "Start "- "Run "!Then type CMD!After

2, click ok in the black box input code: ipconfig/all and then remember your DNS address!!

3, and then the neighbor - property right click on the net!And then right-click the local connection - the attribute!Then will appear below.Click on the Internet protocol.And then click properties!!!!!

4, and then set a fixed IP.IP address Settings will need to avoid you inside the router set up rules!Then the gateway is your router Settings address!DNS is just CMD out address!Click ok after input can!!



if think it set up more troublesome, also can go to download software to control!Speeds above

is wireless router how to limit others method, only for your reference, also hope I can help to you!Thank you for watching!

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