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Wireless router how to set the password

2018-01-22 13:52:01

wireless router must carry on the password Settings, the factory will get a password but this password normal more troublesome is not easy to remember, and we want to periodically change the Settings, today is how to share the wireless router password, hope to help everyone.

1, confirm the wireless network is connected, can see

2, from the status bar to open the browser, enter the router address: normal is personal router address shall prevail.

to get into the router Settings page.Before, in

3 will be a login prompt, normal default is account for: admin, password is admin

4, wireless router Settings in, "The wireless set "Under "Wireless security Settings ".Some of the router in the security Settings.

5, in wireless security Settings, in addition to not set the password options, also appeared 3 types of encryption:

wpa wpa2-psk/connected - PSK—-General user selects this pattern, this pattern is safer, can prevent general steal network software.



6, set your own router passwords, remind, you must pay attention to the case.

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