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Wireless router limits Internet speed

2018-01-23 09:49:04

other people normally due to individuals excessive bandwidth Internet speed is very slow, this needs us to LAN host bandwidth traffic management, let's take a look at how to limit the bandwidth of the LAN host from the router.

generally share Internet method is: phone line -DSL cat -The broadband router -The computer.In this case, the broadband router can be properly set can be placed restrictions on the Internet.Netcore to 705 p as an example, the access of the specific steps are as follows:

1, the broadband router

landing, open the IE, landing window enter, account: guest, password: guest, the default is this, after landing the broadband router Settings page appears.

2, don't allow a computer to surf the Internet set up

Internet behavior management -MAC address filtering, and then enable MAC address filtering.The diagram below

and then described below can literally fill, rules ban, and then fill in the MAC to ban Internet access, the MAC can get below the DHCP server - the DHCP client list.Then you can check all time.If the ban, you can choose all week and 24 hours a day, after this point increase, the MAC can't surf the Internet.Don't know MAC please read: how to check the computer's MAC address?

3, allowing only the Settings to their computers

if only allow yourself to surf the Internet, it is ok to choose where rules allow.Your MAC can also get below DHCP server - the DHCP client list, of course you can also through the Windows own command line, through the command ipconfig/all get, fill in the MAC.After this set, no one besides you can on the network, but between internal can normal visit.

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