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Wireless router password forgot how to get it back

2018-01-19 13:42:55

sometimes we use wireless network to connect a router, but forgot the password, don't know what to do, here small make up the methods of introduction to view or modify the router password, it is important to note that a situation is the router password forgot, another is wireless wifi password forgot, many students mistake the two password for is a kind of, in fact, the former is the password to login to the router set various functions, and the latter is a mobile phone, computer, tablet and other equipment connected to the wireless network password (wifi) to get to the Internet.

a, if it is the router's password forgot, so in addition to try the default password to reset the router and then only to reset your password, reset the router as follows:

flipped the wireless router, view as shown in the paper.Can write above have wireless router management address and account number and password, if you haven't tried before the account password, enter the account and password can log in.

if the above methods can't log in the management of the wireless router interface, you can only put the wireless router to restore factory Settings.Account and password after restore factory Settings is the factory is to set up account and password, which is pictured above as the tags in the wireless router with a tip.

in front of the router or find a logo on the back panel to RESET the round hole, this is the router RESET button to restore factory Settings.Under current condition, with a pointed object to press the RESET button for 5 seconds, then will see the SYS router in front of the light indicator by slow flashing into rapid flashing status after RESET release button, and then to restore the factory Settings.

actually restore factory Settings, it is very simple, use the tip shape objects inserted into the router RESET hole recommends to use a ball-point pen head, or fine hard wire and toothpicks.After restore factory Settings, use the default router login user name and password login the router, is the label of the router with a general some account and password, or account admin, password is admin.

two, if the password for WiFi forgot to refer to the following two methods,

method 1: if you have used a laptop to connect to the router, the computer will remember the password. Next time, it will connect automatically, and click the wireless network signal on the bottom right side

clicks the connected network, right-click property

clicks the display character, which is the password of the wireless network

or modify the password with the wireless computer, enter any browser, enter the address bar in the router's IP address, the router can see at the bottom of the figure, usually at the beginning of the 192.168, put it into your browser's address bar and press enter there interface router settings

method 2: some routers can modify the password directly at the interface

If does not have the option to modify the password, click wireless to set the

point wireless encrypted

The choice of to find the password is directly modified, and the final Click To determine to save the

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