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Wireless router password forgotten how to do?

2018-01-22 16:24:52

for the first time after setting the wireless router we rarely CARES, but time is long we will forget the router password, if is administrative password forgot we couldn't do something in the router Settings interface, if is the wifi password forgot we want to be told the visiting guests friends also not line, today small make up will tell you the wireless router password forgot how to do?

note: which is you want to make sure that you forget the password, the password is management or wifi password, in order to take care of all the friends small make up respectively it introduces both cases solution, choose that you need.

a, forget the router wifi password

forget the wifi password, don't be nervous, we offer three kinds of solution method 1,

in find wifi router background Settings interface password

on the web browser on the computer input after press enter, enter the default user name and password, click "Identify "Login (generally the router's management web site is, is the default user name and password for the admin, we can see the back of the router, as shown in the figure below) :

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note: if you don't know even the management password of the router can only look at the article finally reset the router to below.The inside of the

click on the left side of the toolbar "The wireless set →Wireless security Settings ":

as shown in the figure below, the location of the red mark, you can find the lost wireless password:

method 2, if you are attached to the current wifi right now, you can right click on the wireless icon in computer, and then right click on the names of the wifi attribute

found in the wireless network properties dialog box next "Network security key "Behind this, is our wifi password, but at this point has been encrypted

then we can check it on in front of the display character & radic;, so you can see our wifi password

method 3, the method and approach 2, but applies to all wifi

1 view has been connected, open "My computer "To find "The control panel ", click open

2, find "The network and Internet", click open

3, find "Network and sharing center ",

4, in the open on the left side of the page click open, find "Management of the wireless network ", click open

5, find the wireless network user name, right click and select "Properties throughout the &;

6, turn the page and select "Safety "A, "Display character "On front & radic;, can see the password

2, forget the router management router password

many cases need to log in to the router setting parameters, if we forget the password to login the router?System did not find the login password function, we first try to the default password look line not line, generally are: admin, specific can see the back of the router

if still won't do try the wifi password, because some wifi router passwords and password is the same as

above methods can not solve, we can only reset to solve this problem through a router, the router to factory default Settings.In

the router has a label on the rear panel for the WPS/RESET button.Current state, has been holding down the WPS/RESET button don't loosen;Then observe the indicator lights on the router, when all the lights go out and shine, loosen the reset button, then restore the router to the factory Settings.Note:

router to restore the factory value after all the configuration parameters of the router will all be cleared, need the router to be configured.After the reset, all wireless router configuration back to the factory state, needs to be set, the default management information such as address, user name and password can view the instruction or the nameplate on wireless router

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