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Wireless router password how to modify

2018-01-22 16:28:57

in order to ensure the wireless be cracked over the net, it is best to change the wireless network password regularly, and use high security certification.The same, also suggest change the router at the same time the background administrator password.D - the Link below the wireless router, for example, detailing how to change a wireless router passwords.

the first step: wireless router to change the background management code, suggest use cables to connect the computer.Successfully connected to the computer after the check for the default gateway IP

step 2: open a browser, in the address bar enter the default gateway IP address and press enter,

the third step: open the router login window after input the correct user name and password to enter the background management interface

step 4: click "Tools "TAB, in "Managers "Enter the old and the new password

step 5: click on the following "Perform "After the button, the router will be asked to enter your user name and password, the password is

step 6: change the password after the back into the router after the background management interface, we directly in "The homepage "TAB, click the left & the other;Wireless network "Button step 7:

below "The Shared password "Enter our proposal to change the password, at the same time the SSID and more break

step 8: click the following "Perform "Button, the router prompt to wait for some time, and will display "The reactivation of the...Throughout the &;, click "To continue throughout the &;Button or close this window can be

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