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Wireless router unstable how to do, how to analyze the main points to quickly find out why

2018-01-15 16:28:00

wireless router is not stable?

wireless router can be with all of ADSL MODEM or Ethernet CABLE MODEM connected directly, can also be used through the switch/hub, such as broadband router LAN way to access.

when many users in the use of wireless router will find the signal is not stable.Below, we look at how to analyze the point quickly find out the reason.

2, a lot of time on the strength of the wireless signal is not their own equipment transmission power plays a main role, the degree of interference between signals often plays a role.So reasonable modification of wireless signal emission spectrum, as far as possible to avoid the default of frequency band is the best way to improve the signal strength.

(3) set the conflict caused by abnormal signal weak, friend recently set up a wireless Network in the home, the equipment used is TP - the LINK of the router, but real one, put the key in the conflict of the wireless signal, again to my friend's house and through the Network Stumbler wireless signals scanning tools on the surrounding scan, the results, the author found near my friend's house there are many wireless signals, estimates are neighbor's launch using wireless router.And some of these signals the default SSID is TP - LINK, this judgment is TP - the LINK of the company's products, and use the default values.International to use network transmission speed is not very ideal, and the signal coverage is very small, did not achieve ideal transmission distance, isolation of a wall or a room after the signal strength decrease rapidly.

4, check the notebook to ensure that the wireless network card switch is open, but the light on the wireless network card is still not bright.Then with other laptop scanning current wireless network connection.Friends laptop hard thing that do not have any problem, the corresponding wireless network card in the BIOS parameters is also open, again and again to delete and reinstall the wireless network card driver, using the system built-in CD, still can't solve the problem.

five, after screening found even if it's next to the wireless router signal is also unable to achieve the highest, always can't work in full signal form, into the wireless router Settings interface also didn't find anything wrong, the equipment get home found no problems, the signal is very strong, can also be normal after lying between the two rooms of wireless communications.It seems not have a problem with the device itself.

six, there is a situation is have a wireless network card, wireless devices are in use process, however, can not connect smoothly home wireless network problems, specific symptoms is clearly there is a wireless network, but is unable to search to the wireless network signals, system displays "Unable to connect "The error message.

seven, looked at the wireless router on the wireless network Settings, found 13 band wireless signal emission spectrum for the laptop itself with Intel wireless card only 11 channel, resulting in the Intel wireless card cannot connect to the wireless router's fault.Problem solving after modified emission spectrum.Eight, because by default TP -

LINK product will be through the band 6 foreign radio signals, so multiple TP - creates a conflict between the LINK products, different network wireless signals for transmission are 6 use frequency, mutual interference affect the strength of the wireless signal, resulting in a friend's house their wireless signal abnormal failure.Finally, the author will TP - LINK wireless router launch wireless signals using spectrum modified, select a without any equipment used in current network frequencies, all problems solved, the wireless signal is returned to normal.

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