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Wireless routers can connect to how many users, wireless routers connect users with detailed solutio

2018-01-05 11:47:56
How many users can connect

wireless router?Router connection equipment quantity is limited, here is to introduce you to, take a look at.

mobile phone/computer equipment to connect the router to the Internet, you have to get a local IP address of the router, the router's IP address is usually, including general background management address for a router, which is the IP address of the router is assigned to equipment, only 255-1 = 255.

that is to say, the router can theoretically up to 254 IP addresses assigned to users, which is the most support 254 devices connected at the same time.But apparently this is only the theory of data, usually on the performance of router cannot meet the multi-user request online at the same time, broadband size also is very difficult to satisfy.

so, real life, most wireless routers can connect many users?For user mainly depends on the performance of the router with broadband connection size, according to the router manufacturer, general home routers can also connect to wireless devices, 10 to 40 or so this depends not only on the processing capacity of the router, and also the size of the broadband.

moreover, has examined the information on the Internet, a net friend, according to the test the best wireless routers can connect 16 wireless devices, not much will connect.

above is my analysis of the wireless router how many users can connect, I hope it can help you.

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