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Wisdom wireless system - WiFi project operation and maintenance management "high" one person

2018-01-25 14:16:58

After wireless project construction completion, delivery, this should be a happy thing, but the network three days two head appear a little problem, engineers regularly run a field tuning, over time that afflict, project investors return on investment.Late waste of human resources operations that wireless projects become more and more difficult.Sense,
net intelligence technology on wireless system not only has the specialized design module, quick and effective planning and deployment module, also have daily automatic tuning, fault automatic screening and other professional operational module.Late to simplify complicated operations effectively, make wireless project is no longer difficult.,
in the traditional wireless project operational phase, the mobile phone even don't get to the Internet, or poor quality of network tuning small problems need engineer to site, sometimes failure analysis, adjust the need for a whole day's time, waste of human resources.And wisdom are wireless system will daily automatic tuning.Product has the abilities of environment perception chips, can automatically perceive its environmental characteristics, and collect the wireless airspace information uploaded to the cloud wisdom, wisdom cloud according to the data for real-time calculation, moment statistics network health, when health dropped to below 80 according to the collection of the airspace frame data and the analysis of interference sources, suit the remedy to the case to find out problems, automatic wireless optimization, improve the AP throughput, all the security network signal quality.

when there is a same network quality is poor, the AP health degree is low for a long time, the engineers don't have to go to the site test for many times, repeatedly testing around the interference.Because of sense of wireless system for each AP airspace frame, channel of data transmission, health, equipment, such as the number of connections are detailed statistics, engineers can directly through the interference detection results, more can be done by detailed analysis of the historical data of the indicators, targeted to solve the problem quickly.,

in traditional wireless operations also encountered such a problem, network fault is difficult to reproduce, the AP regular offline is there, but when the engineer arrived on the scene, the AP online, can't reproduce the scene, not to be processed on time, which caused the problem so as to affect the user experience and service efficiency.And at the time of the device offline wisdom are wireless system will immediately inform the administrator, the administrator can login system to check the equipment status, through the test report directly to the specific cause of the problem, the user may not have found that the network had problems, engineers have repaired the network.

is worth mentioning that sense of wisdom in the wireless system intelligent PoE + switches also has AP crash automatic restart function, automatic detection fault, AP AP crash and exception is found, the corresponding port switch power, automatic restart AP, small problems automatically, without trouble engineer.

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