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Your home WiFi is rubbed, you know?

2018-01-25 15:24:07

friends home now necessary item list is a necessity is: WiFi

but sometimes attached to WiFi to see video, often look for a card for a while, or download a half-day download is bad, be careful this time, you are likely to be rubbed!The net!!

now on the market of intelligent router usually has a mobile phone APP, you can directly see what device to connect the router, prevent others network.But the router that things generally can be used for a long time, many people still use the old router before, for this kind of router, what to see?


three ways to identify whether rub "be net",




web browsing and download speed quickly, at ordinary times is very stable, suddenly speeds slower.


if found a strange device on the computer network, basic can determine the WiFi has clipped by others.


router url in the browser page, as a general rule, be "" or "" and then enter the user name and password, the operating interface, click on the "DHCP server" to see "the client list" can be seen all the devices on the router, if you have not know equipment, rub is be network.


don't be afraid!To learn the three recruit, away from the "tore net"!



wireless router password, the router password change is easy to remember but it's hard to guess the password.


closed SSID broadcasting, in this way, net found the one who is, won't rub your WiFi name.Although the efficiency of the wireless network will be affected by a certain, but it's worth doing in return for the improvement of safety.


binding MAC address, MAC address, find their own Ethernet adapter and then find the wireless MAC address filtering in routing Settings interface, add your own MAC address, without permission, so other devices can't be using the network.



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