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ZTE network TV set-top box password is the number

2018-01-11 12:52:59

people use most of the TV set is in hd mode, it needs to connect a set-top box to receive more, let people be able to see more TV programs.Television set-top box besides television stations equipped with, also have on market of network TV set-top box products, it will be more than the ordinary set-top box function, more rich.Zte iptv set-top box is one of the column, now a lot of people also buy zte network television set-top boxes, but need a password.So, how much is zte network television set-top box password?

zte network television set-top box password: 6321.Zte network

set-top box password tutorial

1, set-top boxes boot network Settings.After

2, boot wait "Data import "When finished, in the following picture shows, press & to otherSet up "Key, enter the login interface with the number keys on the remote control to enter the password "6321 ", press "OK"Set button to enter system if the password is wrong, please call the local telecom 10000 inquiries.

3, system Settings in the options "Basic setup ", press "OK"Button to enter the next page.

4, network connection Settings, select "Wireless connectivity throughout the &;, "The next step "Into the network search, select "Search "Button, press "OK"The key to search the home wireless network.In

5, in the search to the wireless network, select "ITV - xxxx"A private network on iTV.

authentication mode selection "WPA PSK/connected PSK", the key value fill in the back of a wireless cat corresponding wireless local area network (WLAN) access password.

6, selection "The next step "To enter "Access "Settings page.

access mode selection "PPPoE"User name fill in "(area code + your landline number) @ vod", if the set-top box binding, the automatic display, without change;Password to fill in telecommunication bureau for your password, if forget to also can call telecom 10000 to reset the password.

7, according to "The next step "Enter "Business set up "Page.

"Authentication server ", "Update server "Don't change the address, the business account to fill in "(area code + your landline number) ", business password with previous page (and your ADSL broadband account password is not necessarily the same), choose "Identify "And press "OK"Set up the main menu button to go back to system.

8, "Restart "According to the "OK"After turning on and off button and wait for the set-top box display television images after was successful.


1, cable and plug.

2, according to the set on the remote control, password is 6321

note: have 2 set key on the remote control, don't press the wrong!

3, choose basic Settings, Internet connection type:

1) use the cable is choosing cable connection.

2) using wireless choosing wireless connections.

4, if choose cable skip this step, select wireless to watch carefully.Select search

on the left side of the box will come out some network signal.Find you in advance to set the wireless network, and select the corresponding encryption.

note: don't have to be like mine, is to be consistent and wireless signal source!

5, the next step, choose PPPOE, input itv dial-up account and password, the Shanghai area to choose DHCP.

6, the next step, the update server address don't monkey around, as long as set up the business account and password.

7, completed the Settings, select restart.How much is

zte network television set-top box password?Original password and password of the article is to introduce the setting ways, if you feel the forehead zte iptv set-top box password is bad, can use the corresponding ways to change.Zte iptv set-top box function has a lot of, but the function of each zte network television set-top box will have different.And zte iptv set-top box may not suitable for your home TV models, want to know first before purchase.

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