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ZTE network set-top box how much money, ZTE network set-top box prices and installation methods

2018-01-11 14:23:34

Zte network

set-top box is that we now more popular set-top boxes, set-top boxes and zte has launched ZXV10 B760D, it is zte's embedded audio decoding equipment, and can be implemented on android, also a set-top box market the most advanced technology at present.And zte network set-top box is becoming more and more popular like now.So I hope we can know the installation of zte network set-top boxes.So how much zte network set-top boxes and zte network set-top box how to set up?Below small make up details to share.

set-top box zte network price

set-top box is zte zte network launched an embedded audio decoding device, the Android platform based on open, advanced hardware architecture and the optimization of h. 264 video compression algorithm, to make more clear smooth vivid image transmission.Provide hd decoding ability ZXV10 B760E set-top boxes, provide enhanced audio and video function, can provide users with LiveTV, VOD, TSTV, basic services, such as web browsing and application services based on the JVM.At present the market price is 428 yuan (price source, for reference only).Zte

set-top box set

zte network

set-top box installation instructions in the process of network connection and TV connection, regardless of the sequence of connections between devices, but please pay attention to the following content:

1, will first need to connect all equipment of the power shut down.

2, in the process of connection, ensure all the connection of the correct and reliable.

3, advice, finally connect the power cord of each equipment and make sure all connections under the premise of accurate, reliable, open the power switch of the equipment.

4, the boot sequence is: open the MODEM first, turn on the television again, finally opened the box.

5, in contrast to the boot sequence shutdown sequence.

6, MODEM, it takes time to start, need to begin in MODEM after normal again, in turn, turn on the TV and set-top boxes, or set-top box will prompt network interruption or unable to link to the error information of the network.

7, MODEM LAN2 (iTV) for IPTV business special mouth mouth, unable to provide broadband;LAN1 / LAN3 / LAN4 / WLAN can provide broadband, iTV business can not be provided.So set-top boxes to link to LAN2 (iTV) mouth.Zte

set-top box network connect set-top box

common network connection mode, there are 2 kinds, please installation personnel according to the actual situation, refer to the following connection diagram connection set-top box and the corresponding equipment.

1, iTV business only

broadband, only iTV business lines.Using MODEM LAN2 mouth to mouth and STB WAN connection.

2, iTV business used in conjunction with broadband

computers can use broadband, set-top box using iTV business.Using MODEM LAN2 mouth to mouth and STB WAN connection, the computer can use LAN1 / LAN3 / LAN4 / WLAN mouth with MODEM connection.

【 password 】

1, cable, plug the power supply.

2, according to the set on the remote control, password is 6321

note: have 2 set key on the remote control, don't press the wrong!

3, choose basic Settings, Internet connection type:

1) use the cable is choosing cable connection.

2) using wireless choosing wireless connections.

4, if choose cable skip this step, select wireless to watch carefully.Select search

on the left side of the box will come out some network signal.Find you in advance to set the wireless network, and select the corresponding encryption.

note: don't have to be like mine, is to be consistent and wireless signal source!

5, the next step, choose PPPOE, input itv dial-up account and password, the Shanghai area to choose DHCP.

6, the next step, the update server address don't monkey around, as long as set up the business account and password.

7, completed the Settings, select restart.

set-top box besides zte network installation and setup is more troublesome.Hope we can share in the installation to all of you help zte network set-top boxes.Especially in the aspect of network Settings must be according to their own home network, choose to suit your own network Settings format.That is about how much money a set-top box of zte network related content, hope can help to you!

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