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ZTE network set top box installation, ZTE network set top box installation method

2018-01-08 17:36:53

Internet set-top box function is relatively strong, and its volume is small, can meet the daily needs.Although Internet set-top box its volume is small, but the network capacity of the set top box is bigger, the other is also very convenient to operate, so to win the love of consumers and sought after.Believe everyone is no stranger to the zte's brand, today small make up for the big furniture body is zte network set-top box installation method, for everybody to operate in their daily lives and understanding.


1, ZTE network set-top box installation method network set-top box connected TV set-top box

zte network provides two video output interface, used to connect to the TV.Please according to the existing audio equipment (such as TV, acoustics, etc.) of the interface, and choose a best way of connection.In

with the AV line audio line (red, white) connection box R, L interfaces and the same color TV set.Choose a way to connect

video.With the AV line in the Video line (yellow) connect the set-top box CVBS interface and Video input port of the television, set-top box or use S terminal connection S - Video interface and the TV S terminal interface.Zte network

2, zte set-top box connected network

set-top box supports two types of network connection, ADSL cats direct and router LAN connection, we can according to their own needs for access networks.If we only opened

ITV business, so we only need to connect set-top box WAN mouth cat LAN2 (ITV).If we launched broadband service at the same time, then the router's WAN connection cat, set-top box WAN interface is connected to the router LAN port, unable to connect to, at this time should be prompt in Identify "And "Cancel "The two buttons.Click ok is retried, cancellation is enter the Settings.We press cancel to enter Settings, one step is let's choose the way to access and dial-up or LAN, we choose to choose LAN, set the IP address (the setting method can refer to the computer's IP address, IP last a different can, subnet mask, network management, DNS are all the same.)

2, set-top boxes, setup instructions,

(1) operation switch machine

1, up

step 1: make sure all cable is normal connection.

step 2: turn on the TV the power switch, and adjust to AV video mode.Step 3:

on the front panel power switch after set-top box is opened.


soft soft shutdown and hard shutdown shutdown: press & above the other;The set-top box power key ", can be quickly closed the set-top box, the effect is equivalent to make the set-top box dormancy.

hard shutdown: press power button above the set-top box (STB key), can be completely shut down, the set-top box without electricity.Next time, when the phone is switched on hardware restart, long waiting time is a bit too soft to turn it off.

actually, network set-top box installation method is simple, we can according to the small make up the above methods, can also according to the standard specifications.The last warm remind everybody is, everybody when buying products, must be purchased through normal channels.Because the network set-top box may appear some fault, so, after-sales service is more important.If you buy from formal channels, products appear problem, factory will help you to solve the fault.

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