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ZTE router setting method?

2018-01-08 16:01:22

computer set

first, make sure your computer is automatic access to the network address, see as follows.

front-end ports of the computer and the router LAN port connected with Ethernet cable.Enter address in your browser to see the login page.If still can't open the web page to try in the condition of electricity long press the reset button for 5 seconds behind the router, the router configuration to the factory.

login interface using the default user name and password to log in.The user name and password are: admin.Log in for the first time when they enter the wizard pages.If you have sufficient knowledge of the network, you can directly To exit the wizard ".Usually follow the wizard configuration is better.

wizard interface

into the wizard page after click The next step "Into the mode selection page on the Internet.

is pppoe methods used by 90% of users usually surf the Internet.If your home broadband providers (telecom, mobile, unicom, tietong, etc.) to your online account and password would use pppoe ways;If it is directly connected to cable can surf the Internet using DHCP.After

chose the suitable way of the Internet into the wireless configuration screen.The name of the wireless network (WiFi) can be changed to the one you easy to identify the name of such as zhangsan, lisi - home, and so on.Safe mode without special requirement, you can use the default Mixed mode ", usually don't use WEP”Encryption, easy to be cracked, more do not use Don't encrypt ".Password length is 8 ~ 63, with a password.Do not use Throughout 11111111 &;, "Throughout 12345678 &;Such as too simple password.After the completion of the configuration click The next step ".

click Complete "Is successfully configured the basic parameters online.If you want to modify the configuration into the corresponding page.

senior use

bandwidth control

bandwidth control functions is off by default, if you want to enable this function first should know how much is the operator to open trillion bandwidth.If the amount of bandwidth to make wrong, after start the bandwidth control function may have a negative impact.Usually said 4 million broadband to fill 4000 KBPS, 8 million broadband in 8000 KBPS.Fill in and then click the submit.

zte router supports two kinds of control mode.In general use Intelligent distribution pattern "Will be smart way, change the allocation of bandwidth.For example, in using the Internet as well as computer next BT, intelligent bandwidth will do to BT download certain traffic restrictions, ensure the access to the Internet.

if you have a certain network knowledge, or too poor network environment (for example in the Shared dorm, good roommate mount big flow BT) for 24 hours, can also use The custom pattern ".The model requires the user to manually configure limit rules, in this way the two most common configuration introduction:

1. The limit occupy the bandwidth of the resources of the computer for a long time.Named the rules, for example, BT”And then Select one of the device context "From the need to limit the computer.To set up this computer one of the biggest bandwidth.Such as 4 m bandwidth can be set up to 2000, then the computer download speed is more than 2 m.Other computers can have 2 m of reserved bandwidth.The bandwidth of the

2. To protect your computer.Named the rules, for example, MyPC”And then Select one of the device context "From the need to protect the computer.Give this computer to set up a minimum guarantee.Such as 4 m bandwidth can be set up to 1000, then no matter how other computers by BT, watching video, the router will always leave a 1 m bandwidth for this protected computer.

wireless ceng net

the prevention function can eliminate ceng network phenomenon, because this function involves specialized knowledge more, usually there is no need to open it.

The name of the wireless radio "Shut down, wifi devices like mobile phones and laptops, scanning not to come out the wireless signal, only through Manually add WLAN network "Way to access the wireless router.

Wireless white list "After opening, it is only through Has been selected from the device context "And join white list of equipment to get to the Internet, or even access to the router's wireless, also can't surf the Internet.

parents, parents,

time of control functions are mainly restricted to a computer or mobile phone can only be online within a specified time period, other times even access to the wireless router cannot surf the Internet.Main use is during summer and winter vacations, prevent children long time playing computer at home.Zte router's parents can control function for multiple devices (or more) such equipment configure multiple limit rules are combined, to meet various application scenarios.Here I configure an instance for reference:

1. The first selection All the equipment ", check the Monday to Friday, 18 to 20 configuration, click Submit ".

2. Click The new time management rules ", first select All the equipment ", check the Saturday to Sunday, configuration 08 points to 18 points, click Submit ".

3. Through Online time display "Can see the results of multiple rules.

4. The effect is: only when all the computers in the Monday to Friday in the home at 6 PM to 8 PM can get to the Internet, only during the weekend at 8 o 'clock in the morning to 16 points can connect to the Internet.The benefits is working days when children can't secretly surf the Internet during the day, children can only access to the Internet over the weekend to 6 p.m., don't play too late.

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