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2018-01-26 11:40:57

pieces of  fiber optic enter a" survey last year,

"speed JiangFei" has become a hot topic, people care about during July and August, southern daily were continuous release "three ask broadband of guangdong", "broadband difficult household survey series, the two groups focus on the development status of guangdong's fiber-optic broadband.At that time, according to data from the optical fiber broadband penetration of guangdong only about 30%, below the national average, and residential property eat take card has become the biggest "obstacle" guangdong broadband optical fiber acceleration.Then, after half a year more, this situation is what kind of change?

the reporter learns from the provincial, city telecom department, by the end of last year, our province fiber broadband users is approaching 9 million, fibre optic broadband penetration referred to 30% from 50%, the total number of broadband users by the end of the optical fiber is expected to more than 15 million households, the penetration rate reached 80%, preliminary to complete the construction of "whole province light".

earlier this year, guangdong telecom also took the lead in guangzhou, shenzhen, dongguan and foshan, four cities launched 1000 m rate of optical networks.Specific to guangzhou, deputy general manager of guangzhou telecom yi-feng liu also said that at the end of last year, families and businesses in guangzhou fibre broadband penetration is raised to 50%.In accelerated at the same time, the optical fiber broadband charges also appeared significantly lowered, 20 m optical fiber broadband wraps year due to 1000 yuan, with 8 m ADSL charges fairly, and 100 m optical fiber broadband is dropped below 2000 yuan, package costs fell by 36%.

improved ear "difficult to enter a" thirty percent old district reconstruction of smooth fiber,

brought many benefits to the people really."Difficult to broadband household" to "disaster zone" in the survey found, located in the guangzhou hai escape greenview gardens, for example, a reporter visits, they found the village there was slow speed and poor stability of net FeiGui, owner of frequent complaint problem, are improved to a certain extent.Its main home broadband providers e width also follow the speed after reports of exposure, JiangFei action outside the original 6 m broadband services launched by using optical fiber network of 12 m, 25 m and 50 m or even 100 m broadband packages, the corresponding charges also appeared different degree of cut.Was

zhuhai's Rome more home improvement, according to the related owner tells a reporter, in addition to the original e home wide launching of 25 m and 50 m optical fiber broadband packages, once let owner annoyed "unable to choose broadband providers" problems have also improved, at present, tietong, such as the pearl river broadband broadband providers can also be normal access in the village, "the choice is always good, telecom, mobile, unicom broadband or just don't act, want to be able to solve this problem soon."Although to improve some praise, but the owner still hopes to further related work.

according to relevant personage of guangzhou telecom, told reporters that at present the construction of guangzhou optical broadband, plot progress very smoothly, the new one after April 1, 2013 new residential construction and the realization of mass can ensure 100% optical fiber to the home.In practice, pushed by the supervision by public opinion and policy in the second half of last year, guangzhou telecom in optical fiber broadband of older communities has also achieved some results, even suffered multiple block, there are thirty percent of the old village is close to a change of the optical fiber problem."Just began to optical network construction, a total of more than 300 buildings in guangzhou can't play fiber modification, of which more than 30 community content canal request business into, more than 80 community demands a high entrance fee, nearly 200 community content canal packtized refused."This personage truth.In his view, to be built in guangzhou "all-optical networks city", is still a long way to go.

the next task is still arduous entrance fee, black broadband to bat,

in addition to the plot entrance construction aspects there are still many challenges, the construction of the pipeline in optical fiber, guangzhou telecom officials also said that at present in some area of the city does not allow communications operators build pipelines, but to a third party information services company yet to operators, and the price after the pipeline of the rental, it is also about the future of guangzhou to further improve the optical fiber broadband penetration caused a lot of obstacles.In addition, the urban villages in guangzhou at present there are still serious black broadband network connecting, destroy the normal operators optical fiber line, this kind of black broadband speed is low, not only accelerated the transformation plan, the lack of ability, and no optical fiber even doesn't guarantee information security of Internet users, certainly also drag the optical network of urban construction.

for these problems, it has also attaches great importance to the related management department, and is gradually.Last December, the communications administration of guangdong province and built hall reiterated that the future is firmly against the third party companies invest in the construction and control communication facilities, residential area and residential buildings require communication operation enterprise comes into play with into behavior.At the same time, also stressed that the two departments communication facilities within the residential area and residential buildings construction must strictly implement standard optical fiber to the home country on requirements, meet the requirements of a number of equal access to the telecommunication business operators, ensure users the freedom to choose option telecommunication business operators and the network information security.And at the end of the guangzhou municipal executive meeting examined and approved the "guangzhou information infrastructure construction implementation plan" has made it clear that this year guangzhou will take strong measures to address the city's broadband network infrastructure construction is to establish, location, household and maintenance problems.

"a policy support is a good thing, of course, but I still need to perform."For the current guangdong still exist in the construction of the optical fiber broadband of entrance fee, broadband challenges, such as black cloud Liu Zhenghao consulting analyst, the strict law enforcement, attitude firmly grasp the implementation is still the first big deal.Especially urban packtized of older communities, "whether local government's attitude firmly is very important, such as optical fiber broadband penetration lead Shanghai, sichuan, zhejiang and other provinces and cities throughout the country, all levels of government attaches great importance to and strict regulation has played an important role.Guangdong, guangzhou to complete 80% of the optical fiber broadband target this year, the vicious also cannot little."

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