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bridge speed limit the use of steps

2018-01-23 13:35:43

Internet post to control traffic limit LAN network bandwidth, must be under the environment of the bypass bridge can use the Internet.Not bypass environment there are two major categories:

1. The Internet post with double nic bridge model.Attached: we recommend that users use this mode control network, network monitoring management, many current Internet post monitoring management network users in the use of this mode, control network, the limit bandwidth, LAN computer control to download, use network software speed can reach the effect of hardware speed limit.If the budget is not high, it is recommended that the user is using the Internet to duty Bridges speed-limit control bandwidth, strong practicability, high cost performance.

here mainly introduce network with double nic bridge of three kinds of solution: figure 1

Internet post bridge in series between the main switch and router network configuration, this type of bridge under the core switch can control the flow of network bandwidth in LAN users.Figure 2.

Internet firewalls and core duty in series switches between network bridge configuration, can achieve the whole network speed in computer network.Figure 3.

Internet post in series between the primary and secondary switch network bridge configuration, this is the flexible configuration, just want to monitor/control of a department or a switch below the user bandwidth, you can use this way configuration bridge.

Internet post double nic bridge configuration steps: Internet post after the installation is complete, first select 3 USES double nic bridge mode, then configure bridge bridge

selected two network CARDS, determine the exit.Installed

then double-click on the bridge, bridge drive, drive after good bridge, can start the bridge service.Right click start bridge,

means that the bridge configuration is successful, the following computer can through the bridge to get to the Internet, can also through the bandwidth control rules to control the bandwidth of the local area network (LAN) a computer flow, the speed limit for local area network (LAN).

open network, the construction of a new bandwidth control rules, the following figure limit is the total capacity of the computer, can put the bandwidth control rules applied to a computer, also can be applied to a group at the same time, a particular department for LAN speed limit.

as shown in the figure below: can separately for computers to limit its upward flow and downward flow, so that we can effectively control in the uplink and downlink bandwidth of computer network, it also can have very good effect on LAN speed limit.

network post - bandwidth limit

we use a test machine here to download speed, first observed in do not use the Internet to download for the bandwidth control rules of speed, as shown in figure: test using thunderbolt download a movie download speeds, see image below thunderbolt download speed to

in the first picture is duty in network monitoring to the testing machine to download traffic monitoring result.the upward: 44.92 KB;401.53 KB in the afternoon, the company with the bandwidth of the 4 m, download speed is pretty good, don't know for the full version of thunderbolt download speed will be faster.

the second picture is according to its own test machine, software download speeds of 367.71 KB/s related to Internet post is not big, because duty monitoring statistic to the network traffic is the machine all external traffic, so will flow larger than this.

the third picture is after the bandwidth control rules of application of the Internet to download traffic monitoring effect, the following figure shows the download flow speed, traffic only 49 KB, around the local area network (LAN) shows that Internet post speed limit.

by the results of the testing machine test fruit, can see the Internet post bandwidth control for the effect of local area network (LAN) a computer speed limit, don't use the Internet post speed limit for local area network (LAN), download can reach about 400 k, the download speed is very good.When we put the network bandwidth limit rules after application testing machine and see the test machine of download speed immediately dropped to about 50 k, illustrate the bandwidth control rules work, can the speed limit on local area network (LAN) a computer.

if your company want to control the bandwidth, and don't want to spend a lot of money to buy hardware, a software that USES online post can diy a bandwidth control + Internet behavior management of hardware.So you can use the Internet post to effectively restrict the local area network (LAN) a computer network speed, don't have to worry about the following staff go to the movies and open BT, use thunderbolt waste company network bandwidth, affect the normal network office needs to company.Network bandwidth for the speed limit for staff use only a small of normal office is ok, so can effectively improve the efficiency of office staff, saving the cost of network bandwidth.

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