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dhcp server how to set up, dhcp server settings [Details]

2018-01-15 11:09:28

DHCP overview

DHCP is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), its purpose is to reduce the TCP/IP network planning, management and maintenance of the burden, solve the problem of lack of IP address space.This web service for the client IP address in network for effective management.

DHCP function is divided into two parts: one is the server side, and the other is the Client, the Client need not install, Windows 9 x / 2000 / xp by default are to start the DHCP Client service).DHCP through "Throughout the lease &;The concept of effective and dynamic distribution of the client's TCP/IP Settings.Below we will combine TP - LINK broadband router TL - R410 elaborate the function of the DHCP server.

the DHCP its predecessor is the BOOTP.The BOOTP originally used for diskless network host connection above: network hosts use the BOOT ROM disk rather than starting and connected to the network, the BOOTP can automatically set the TCP/IP environment for the host.But the BOOTP has one drawback: you must obtain the client's hardware address before setting, and the corresponding with the IP is static.In other words, the BOOTP very lack "Dynamic "If, in the limited resources of the IP environment, the BOOTP one-to-one correspondence can create very considerable waste.

DHCP is arguably the BOOTP enhanced version, it is divided into two parts: one is the server side, and the other is the client.All IP network data set from the DHCP server centralized management, and is responsible for handling the client DHCP requirements;From the server and the client will use assigned IP data environment.Compared to the BOOTP, DHCP through "Lease "Concept, effective and dynamic distribution of the Client's TCP/IP Settings, and, as a compatibility considerations, DHCP and completely take care of the needs of the BOOTP Client.DHCP allocation form first, must have at least a DHCP working on network, it can monitor network DHCP requests, and TCP/IP Settings I consult with the client environment.

how to set up a DHCP server

many current broadband router has set the DHCP server function, the kind of TL - 410 TP - the LINK is a broadband router for home users, small its appearance, fashionable.And the price is cheap, very suitable for home users are the use of the student.TL - R410 broadband router also has the function of support DHCP server with manual allocation (static IP address assignment) and dynamically allocated two allocation ways.Let's make a brief introduction of how to make use of TP - link TL - R410 broadband router, for example, set the DHCP server function.

how to set up a DHCP server

first came to the Settings of the router interface, choose the DHCP server, you can see there are three files, the DHCP function, the client list and static address assignment.Choose the DHCP service, will enter the following Settings screen

DHCP server how to set up

first choose to enable the DHCP server (pictured above), so that you can use automatically assigned address function.Address to pool: start automatically assigned by the DHCP server IP address.Address the end of the pool: the end of the automatically assigned by the DHCP server IP address.Gateway: optional, it is suggested that the IP address of the fill in the router LAN port, the default is default domain name: optional, fill in the network domain name.Primary DNS server: optional, fill in the ISP to provide your DNS server, don't know can ask your ISP.Secondary DNS server: options, if the ISP provide you two DNS server, you can think of another DNS server IP address to fill in here.

note: in order to use the function of the router's DHCP server, local area network (LAN) of each computer in the TCP/IP protocol must be set to "Automatically obtain IP address ".This function need to restart the router to take effect.

to choose the client list you can see the local LAN through the router to connect to the Internet client host information, including the client host name, the client's MAC address, already assigned IP address and the rest of the lease.

lease is an important concept, when the client is using dynamic address allocation, the DHCP server will give the client dynamically assign IP addresses, but the IP address of the distribution is not always for a client to use, when the DHCP server assigned to the client IP address, and will inform the client can use this address () of the lease period, the time limit after the deadline if the client didn't apply for extension of the lease, the DHCP server will take back this IP address, and the rest of the lease is the DHCP server will recover the IP address of the rest of the time.Therefore, customer opportunities in front of the lease before the (middle left, for example) to CHCP server application extend the lease, of course, when the client is not using this IP will inform receipt of this IP, DHCP server after the IP can be assigned to other clients.Using the TL -

R410 can also set the DHCP server static address allocation function.Choose a static address assignment appears below the setting of the picture.How to set up

DHCP server as shown above, know the MAC address of the host, the distribution of the static IP address to the host.This function of the router's DHCP server is set up.Each host in the network, you just need to set in the TCP/IP protocol options for "Automatically obtain IP address ", this function need to restart the router to take effect.From each host have to be troublesome TCP/IP protocol set up trouble.

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