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dns server does not respond what is the meaning [solution]

2018-01-11 09:44:01

we usually have encountered such a situation, your computer screen pop up to remind of this, one shows the DNS server did not response, so the DNS server is not responding What is the meaning of this, we all know, in addition, we should be how to deal with the DNS server did not respond to such a question?The small make up for all of us do a detailed introduction!Hope that we can collect the oh!

DNS server did not respond to what is the meaning of:

DNS server is a computer DNS (Domain Name Service), it is composed of Domain Name parser and Domain Name server.Domain name server refers to hold all hosts in the network domain name and the corresponding IP address, and has the function of transform domain for the IP address of the server.The domain name must correspond to an IP address, does not necessarily have a domain name and IP address.The domain name system adopts hierarchical structures of similar directory tree.Domain name server for client/server mode in the server side, it mainly has two forms: the primary and forwarded to the server.Map the domain for the IP address of the process is called "Domain name resolution ".

said so much, should say how to a solution to the DNS server did not respond, don't panic, this to you say how to solve.Solution:


1, meet the DNS server did not respond, we should first consider our own network connection is normal?Check is your computer or network problems.

2, if other computers and other equipment can't normal open, obviously is a network problem, then we need to solve the problem of the network, or we will check your computer.We can try to restart the computer first look at

3, if a computer can solve after the restart, it cannot solve, we can try to change your computer's DNS address, here are a few free DNS address below.For example: (or, etc.;After

4, to change the DNS address, usually can solve the DNS server did not respond, if not solved, don't try so hard, and methods, to continue about another method for you.

hold down the Windows key + R key, in the open "Run "Dialog, enter "Services. Msc"And click "Identify ".

5, in the open "Service "Window, find "DNS Client"Service, if this service is not open, we "Start "This service can, also suggest that we start "DHCP Client"Service.

6, if the DNS service is open, and set up correctly after the DNS address, still can't solve this problem, you can try to run at the DOS command.

7, under the DOS command, running "Arp - d"Command.

8, if the problem is not solved, we need to check whether or not to use the proxy.Open the IE "Internet options "Dialog, switch to the "Connection "TAB.Click "LAN Settings "After the cancel all checkbox in the pop-up dialog box;

9, this step is not resolve the DNS server did not respond, can only use the assassin's mace, we can be an administrator to run a DOS command, running under DOS command line "Netsh winsock reset"Command.Is introduced in more than

for everyone on the DNS server did not respond to what that means, in this situation should how to deal with the detailed introduction, in fact this is not a particularly complex problem oh, as long as we seize the key, also is to find out what's the problem, step by step to operate, can easily solve this problem well, we can accumulate more at ordinary times the tip oh, hope small make up recommend me to bring some help!

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