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hdmi What does it mean, hdmi details

2018-02-13 13:24:11

along with the development of the era, the electronic equipment constantly updated, we use rise more convenient also, the emergence of the hdmi cable, greatly improved the quality of people's lives.So, what is the meaning of hdmi?The usefulness of it?The following hurriedly follow IT data together and see IT!


hdmi hdmi what is meant by the English full name: the High Definition Multimedia Interface] is a kind of digital video/audio Interface technology, is a special digital Interface is suitable for video transmission, it can transmit audio and video signals at the same time, the highest rate of 18 GBPS data transmission and without before signals or/d/a conversion.HDMI,

popular says, is a kind of high definition video interface, in the current mainstream notebook, LCD TV, video card, motherboard are common.HDMI is a kind of digital video/audio interface technology, is a special digital interface is suitable for video transmission, it can transmit video and audio signals at the same time, the data transmission speed of 5 GBPS, can support 1080 p, 720 p format full hd video output, is currently the most popular hd interface, it is common of VGA display interface can not reach, just as broadband telephone broadband and fiber, data transmission capacity difference is very big.

now, of course, is not only HDMI hd interface, such as and DP hd interface, etc., interested friends, also can go to understand.What's second, hdmi

TV hdmi is a multimedia interface standard, full name & the other;High - Definition Multimedia Interface", meaning for high-definition multimedia interface.It produces is to replace the traditional DVD machine, television, and other video output device interface, unified and simplified the user terminal connection, and to provide higher data transmission speed and nondestructive digital transmission bandwidth audio and video signals.


hdmi cable, hdmi cable is used to transmit high-definition multimedia video signal wire.Can high quality HDMI cable to transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data, the data transmission speed for 5 GBPS.Without before signals or/d/a conversion, can guarantee delivery of the highest quality video signal.Advantages:


the hdmi specification interface while maintaining high quality to be able to in the form of digital transmission uncompressed high resolution multichannel audio and video data.The excellent performance beyond the past all of the products.

the hdmi specification of connector used single wire connection, replacing the product behind the complex of cable.

the HDMI specification interface there is no limit to the length of wire.Such as: DVI cable length can't more than eight meters, otherwise will affect the image quality, and products that meet the HDMI specification is not the problem.

hdmi specification can match the broadband digital content protection (HDCP), in order to prevent the copyrighted video content from unauthorized copying.

in today's society has entered the information era, many related electronic equipment constantly.Including Hdmi series of products in daily life often use to, you can know more about some of its relevant knowledge.

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