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hdmi wire use introduction, buy HDMI cable need to pay attention to what

2018-02-13 12:06:07

hdmi wire is a lot of production in the scene has a relatively wide range of application of products, it based on the different brands and performance parameters of the differences and has a big difference in pricing and sales orientation.People are in need of comprehensive reference when actual purchase your needs and budget.Then might as well let small make up together to get to know a few literature image information about hdmi cables.We will provide you detail introduction and matters needing attention of hdmi cables and so on four word picture information of the plates.

a, hdmi wire

hdmi, namely High DefinitionMultimedia Interface, also called high-definition multimedia Interface.In April 2002, Hitachi, panasonic, philips, SONY, Thomson, Toshiba and Silicon Image of seven companies joint HDMI organization.HDMI high quality to transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data, the data transmission speed for 5 GBPS.HDMI can not only meet the current highest quality 1080 p resolution, can also support DVD Audio and so on the most advanced digital Audio formats, supports 8-channel 96 KHZ or stereo digital Audio transmission 192 KHZ, with only a HDMI connection, and from the digital Audio wiring.HDMI standard of extra space at the same time can be applied in audio and video formats to upgrade in the future.Before the HDMI standards, digital video and audio interface is separated, video interface is DVI.Compared with the DVI HDMI interface of smaller volume, and can transmit audio and video signal.DVI cable length can't more than eight meters, otherwise will affect the image quality, basic there is no limit to the length of the cable and HDMI.As long as a HDMI cable, it can replace the most 13 analog transmission lines, can effectively solve the problem of home entertainment system behind the attachment clutter tangle.

2, choose HDMI note

1 and buy HDMI line should pay attention to version

HDMI since its launch, has changed from version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.2 a version to version 1.3.Compared with the previous version, version HDMI1.3 have greater bandwidth, from the original 4.96 Gbps doubled to 10.2 Gbps, can transmit higher flow high-definition programming;HDMI1.3 version support chromatic number is also higher, HDMI1.1 and 1.2 version can only support to 24 bit color depth, version 1.3 HDMI interface is greatly expanded to 30 - bit, 36 - bit and 48 - bit (RGB or YCbCr);HDMI1.3 version also joined the compressed audio source areas of multi-track high flow or non distortion compressed audio source (such as DolbyTrueHD and DTS - HDMasterAudio) support.That is to say, if the interface and wire is HDMI1.3 version, you can transfer the higher bit rate, higher color number, have better sound quality high-definition pictures, television programs,


, decided to HDMI cable manufacturing process, quality in the HDMI out, because the limited technology, a lot of HDMI cable would have to use handmade, leading to its high price.Although now machine-moulded HDMI line is now the market mainstream, but still have high low manufacturing process, especially the joint part of the process, the core technology in general don't grasp of the manufacturer.Some HDMI appearance looks nothing, but the actual use only to find the definition, difficult to live up to expectations.Therefore, we in the choose and buy when the HDMI cable, pay special attention to the manufacturing process.

generally speaking, good HDMI cable, it should use pure copper as the inner core, it is more advantageous to guarantee the quality of the transmitted signal.Those who cut corners, poor quality of HDMI, can adopt low cost a lot of iron core or other alloy materials.Because when we buy a HDMI cable, can not see inside it is to use what material, so a lot of time for judged only by feel.In general, the use of copper core HDMI is more soft, bending and more easy, using core, otherwise, the bending up appear very hard.If there are conditions, can also take the magnet test, can determine whether the HDMI line adopts the core.Good HDMI line not soft nor too hard

3, good brand HDMI quality more assured Before we buy VGA, DVI or general audio line, may not be how to pay attention to the brand, but in the era of HDMI, brand factors cannot be ignored.Good brand of HDMI cable, the quality is definitely a more secure.

for the current market situation, the good brand of HDMI line also many, such as fort akihabara, open a boulder, elegant, monster, etc.And, of course, the good brand of HDMI cable is also have high low price, we will according to their own strengths.

akihabara (Choseal) this brand, but a real domestic brands, and Japanese the akihabara market but there is no relationship.

in akihabara wire in the field of power is strong, it released audio lines, cables, signal lines, also has received the praise of consumers.Akihabara HDMI line is a feature of the quality guaranteed but the price is affordable, a 2 meters long akihabara HDMI roughly around one hundred yuan.Kibale (KAIBOER) is an emerging domestic brands, mainly focus on hd broadcast equipment and high-definition cable manufacturing, claims "Civilian Rolls-Royce ", he is also one of the few domestic product certification through the HDMI association of one of the manufacturers.Kibale HDMI cable price, than the akihabara is high, 2 meters 1.3 version of the HDMI cable price in 200 yuan or so.Jas fort (YARBO) is a famous German stereo audio-visual systems engineering, transmission cable brand, own thirty years of history;Fort, HDMI cable is chengde manufacturing consistent rigorous style and creation concept, wire is noted for its exquisite workmanship and unique design, the price is certainly not cheap.Jas fort version 1.3 HDMI cable 2 m price is generally in after yuan between, not ordinary consumers can accept.Box line, coaxial line are highly evaluated by the user.It's HDMI wire, also the target of high-definition enthusiasts.More rare is, monster's HDMI cable price is not particularly unusual, less than two hundred yuan can buy 2 meters long version 1.3 monster HDMI cable.As the saying goes,

tall trees catch much wind.Homebred brand akihabara, kibale perhaps good, fort, monster wasn't so lucky, because of their high brand awareness, is also a fake vendors with a goal.Currently on the market sales of well-known brands abroad fort, monster, HDMI cable, is a lot of fake goods, we must pay attention to when buying.

3, hdmi wire USES

hmdi hd line has two main functions:

1, set-top boxes and use

when we buy the smart TV set-top boxes, boxes, random collocation a hdmi hd line, used to connect box and TV signal transmission.Use

2 HDMI hd

2, computer line, as a kind of intelligent television signal transmission line with computer will content through the HDMI cable transmission in a computer in the smart TV.

hdmi line is the abbreviation of high-definition multimedia interface line, high quality to transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data, the maximum data transfer speed of 5 GBPS.Without before signals or/d/a conversion, can guarantee delivery of the highest quality video signal.

hdmi line support 5 GBPS data transfer rate, as far as can transmit 30 meters, enough to handle a 1080 p video and an 8 channel audio signal.And because a 1080 p video and an 8 channel audio signal needs less than 4 gb/s, therefore also has the very big margin HDMI cable.That allows it to use a cable connection DVD player respectively, receiver and PRR.In addition to support HDMI EDID DDC2B, so has HDMI equipment "Plug and play "The characteristics of the signal source and display device will automatically "Negotiation "To automatically select the most appropriate video/audio formats.

four, hdmi wire processing processes

to take off the outside →Take off the aluminium platinum →Wear casing →Hot air blow pipe →Line (in some places is also called the row line) →Cut wire (length is moderate, is conducive to the next step) →Take off the core →Crossing the tin →Welding →Test (there is a problem of repair) →Note lining →Measuring lining →Note the shell →Don't swing test (some swing) measurement →Packaging shipping date by more than

we introduced in detail for you about the content of the relevant aspects of hdmi cables, respectively is the summary of hdmi cables as well as the matters needing attention, standards and machining process of the four word picture information.By understanding, we learn that the good and evil people mixed up on the market of hdmi cables, if the lack of professional knowledge, we can maybe it is difficult to select the most suitable products.Above space small make up to you thank you list of information about the hdmi wire is especially when buying need combined with actual situation the content of the note.

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