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help you understand the difference between a server's motherboard and a common board

2018-01-03 10:43:54

often play computer, understands the computer knows that, for a computer, the most important thing is the processor, motherboard and graphics card, these three parts are diverse.We used to play the host and the game server host has the very big difference, also, as one of the indispensable accessories, motherboard, also has the difference, because the emphasis of the host and server is different, the main board also have different focus, small make up take you now, distinguish between server motherboard and ordinary PC motherboard, understand the difference, refused to do The small white "!

ordinary household and office computer motherboards, the main demand is on the performance and functionality;The server motherboard is designed In order to satisfy the application server High stability, high performance, high environmental compatibility, and the development of the motherboard.Due to server high operation time, high work intensity, and the huge amount of data transformation, the power consumption of the power supply, I/O throughput, so the requirement to the server motherboard is quite strict.

server motherboard, and the difference between ordinary computer motherboards, mainly from the following points:

1, server motherboard support is usually at least two processors Different chipset (tend to be more than dual servers, single-channel server is sometimes use desktop motherboard).

2, almost any server components support of ECC, memory, the processor and chipset (but higher order desktops also began to support the ECC)

3, server redundancy is found in many places, high-end servers even have redundant CPU, memory, midrange servers,

hard drive, power supply redundancy is very common, but low server is usually a modified desktop products, but also choose a line of giant power.

4, due to the server's network load is bigger, so the server nic is generally using TCP/IP uninstall engine card,

high efficiency, fast speed, CPU is small, but the current high-end desktop also began to use high-grade network card and even double card.About

5, hard disk, has many and more and more server will replace SATA with SAS/SCSI.

6, in the aspect of memory support.Due to the server to get used to a long period of time, the great flow of high speed data processing tasks, so it can support up to 10 GB or even dozens of GB of memory capacity, and largely supports ECC memory in order to improve the reliability (ECC memory is a kind of automatic error correction function of memory, make the cost is quite high because of its superior performance).

7, storage device interface.In the high-end server motherboard with SCSI interface and SATA interface rather than the IDE interface, and support the RAID way to improve the ability of data processing and data security.

8, in the display device.Server and the workstation is different, the server to display equipment requirement is not high, generally used more integrated graphics chipset, for example in many servers chipsets integrate with ATI RAGE XL display chip, slightly high is adopted with ordinary AGP card.And if it is a graphics workstations, that are generally choose high-end 3 dlabs, ATI graphics such as company's professional graphics.

9, in the aspect of network interface.Server/workstation system board with desktop, most of the server motherboard is equipped with dual network CARDS, and even ShuangQian trillion network card in order to meet the different needs of local area network and Internet.In

10, the last is the price of the server on.The sky and the general desktop motherboard just 1, 2000, while the price of the server motherboard entry-level products from more than 1000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan even ten yuan high-grade products have!More than

is a small make up to bring the server motherboard, and the difference between ordinary PC motherboard, because the server requires more data throughput, need more strong data processing ability, the function of the server system board than ordinary more powerful.Due to the popularity of the PC, more and more manufacturers began to research and development of production of high-end computer motherboards, and applied in common host, believe in the near future ordinary motherboard with the performance of the server motherboard, also want to become possible.

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