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how about 360 routers, 360 routers set up steps and use skills

2018-01-04 12:43:05

you get to the Internet is no longer confined to use the computer now, more is the use of smart phones or tablets.Compared with the computer, because the two more small, it is more convenient to use is not restricted.Especially fine bed, sofa, can follow one's inclinations on the Internet, look at play.But the Internet network how to solve?Today small make up to you to introduce 360 router online setting process in detail and in the process of using a few tricks.And below small make up take a look at the 360 router.

set up the steps,

1, the line connecting the router is good.Then in the browser's address bar enter into luyou360. Cn 】 【 router setup wizard.As shown in the figure below is detected automatically on the Internet.Note:

the router a WAN interface.The color is green and the logo WAN interface.Don't wrong.The other two color the same interface as the LAN.

2, put the mouse above can choose other Internet connection to the router can access the network.General use broadband Internet access.My online environment is a fixed IP so that choose static IP access to the Internet.

3, enter a can surf the Internet IP address, gateway, subnet cover code, click [next]

4, after the DNS will tip is connected to the Internet at this time.After the connection is successful will automatically jump to set the WIFI interface.

5, you can set up a WIFI name and password.Click "next".Note that there are a set this password to the router password management.If the hook is the administrator password on the router and WIFI password is the same.After

6, setting up WIFI will be 15 seconds automatically restart the router.After

7, restart success will prompt you to set the router.Click to see management page

8, can be in the 360 router WEB management interface to do the corresponding adjustment.

1: use skill, wall visitor mode: How much is your home wireless WIFI password?This may be a friend to your home out of mobile phone's first words.In fact you may don't want to let him know that because of a variety of reasons, but truthfully answer again because of the face.Is there a better way?

360 visitors to the router mode can solve completely.Open the 360 security routing client, click the password on the Internet, the router will generate a new password-less WIFI, let friends connected to the WIFI, after confirmed by the user can access to the Internet.

2, pregnant women mode: routing radiation, afraid of pregnant women and children get hurt?360 routing, open the pregnant women model, that is not afraid of routing radiation.Open the mobile client, click on the low radiation pattern, choose suitable WIFI signal frequency, make family more safety.

3, the nets were cracked ceng how broken?360 routing help you undo, ceng network intrusion prevention, guard against theft, fraud, the online shopping to go fishing.Is more than

small make up today to introduce 360 router setup steps, and use the tips, believe that everyone has been able to finish know how to set up.Small make up feel, after installed the router, most think the trouble is always someone will to network, ask password.And 360 visitors to the router mode, as well as the function ceng network intrusion prevention is very strong, can meet the needs of people.And, of course, it mode of pregnant women is very personalized.Both meet the needs of pregnant women to get to the Internet, and reduce the damage to them.

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