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how to see win10 notebook winwip password, win10 laptop WIFI password method

2018-01-15 15:28:45

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win10 wifi password?Friends to your home, want to connect the wifi password, but due to the home wireless router wifi password just forgot.In this case, how we can get the Wifi password?Many friends may choose to enter the router for, in fact, don't bother, directly using laptops have been connected to the Wifi network in the home, can see.Below to latest Win10 system as an example, two teach everyone how to view the Wifi password.

a, check the notebook is connected Wifi password method

if the laptop is connected to the Wifi network, then you can see directly, the following installation WIn10 notebook, for example, to teach you how to check the Wifi password.

1, at the bottom left corner of the Windows 10 desktop [right button on the Windwos start], click open [network connection]

in the pop-up menu

2, in the open network connection settings, double-click the already connected "wireless network name", in the pop-up WLAN dialog box, click the [wireless attribute]


3, then you can open the wireless network [] the properties dialog box, switch to the [security] tab, and check on the [display] characters, you can see the network security secret key is Wifi password

this way to view the Wifi password method is very convenient, without the need to login the router settings, can be directly in the computer to view the

two, enter the wireless router to view the Wifi password

1, first login router setup management interface

After setting up the interface of

2, login router, and then enter the wireless settings [wireless security settings], then you can see the Wifi password (wireless network password)


is the two way to check the WiFi password by Win10. The method is suitable for notebook users. The method is two desktops and notebooks. The premise is that we need to know the router management password. More than

is about how can win10 laptop WiFi password, hope to help you!

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