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how to use Intel fast storage technology, Intel fast storage technology use method

2018-01-05 10:58:34

computer users at the time of access to information, usually not familiar with the meaning of some professional statement, some net friend ask: how to use Intel rapid storage technology, estimate doesn't know the answer to the question of users very much, here is to break down the use of Intel rapid storage technology.

a, Intel rapid Storage Technology introduction

first of all, we need to understand the meaning of Intel rapid Storage Technology, Intel rapid Storage Technology, namely IntelRapid Storage Technology (hereinafter referred to as IntelRST)), is a Windows based application.The program is equipped with SATA disk desktop, mobile computer and server platform system provides higher performance and reliability.When using one or more of the SATA disk, you can benefit for performance improvement and lower power consumption.When using multiple disks, can strengthen the protection of data is lost when the disk failure.

in other words, Intel rapid storage technology is based on a user has more than 2 or 2 blocks of hard disk, on the basis of the hard drive of RAID disk array, increase disk performance.Which is different from past simple RAID disk array, Intel rapid storage technology support 2 pieces of different sizes, different kinds of hard disk RAID.Achievement, below small make up take a dell V3560, for example, to explain for everybody how to turn a 32 gb SSD and a 750 gb of mechanical drive together Intel rapid storage technology in claims to RAID 0, accelerate to notebook mechanical hard disk.

Intel rapid storage technology increase

Intel rapid storage technology is through the use of SSDS SSD as a cache to use, so is useless for the single mechanical drive, said to protect the hard disk of what, does not have a lot of useful, so the single mechanical hard disk can be unloaded.Still have even if want to improve speed of the computer can do it according to this method, need not buy too much of a solid-state drives, only do a cache, in mechanical drive system is installed, and Settings are very simple, of course, if you can directly take meters solid-state hard disk replacement, this way is just to compare economical.Since

the author with a 64 - bit Windows 7 ultimate, 4 g memory, boot, boot after all feel very card, especially after startup, have to wait for computer to awake a long time, the author is a single mechanical hard disk, Hitachi 7200 turn 320 g, last night uninstalled Intel rapid storage technology, the corresponding IDE driver has been uninstalled, inside out four more ATA drive, enter the BIOS for AHCI, after the restart, I feel much better, less card again after boot.The author think that Intel rapid storage technology and its drive for RAID group is large, the use of for the AHCI or with lenovo provide AHCI drivers went, copy the file after test, open the game, speed as before, seems to be sooner than before.Three Rapid Storage Technology, open


in the system and general after installation of the driver, we also need to install the before mentioned Intel Rapid Storage Technology.After everything is installed, we open the Intel rapid storage technology software will appear below.

here we click speed

select need to acceleration of disk and mode (in order to have better effect, choose here maximized mode) after

acceleration model open finished

enabled mode of disk management information

information from Intel rapid storage technology software interface is given, the achievement V43560 notebook inside 32 gb SSD is used as a mechanical hard disk cache, that is to say by Intel rapid storage technology, we got a has 32 gb of cache hybrid drive, the Mixed "The performance of the hard disk is better.

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