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ip what does it mean

2018-03-02 17:34:45

what is the meaning of IP

we often said in IP, so some people don't know what is the meaning of IP, IP is the abbreviation of Internet Protocol in English actually, mean "Network interconnection agreement between ", which is designed to communicate computer network interconnection agreement.In the Internet, it is to be able to make all the computers connected to the Internet network to communicate with each other a set of rules, rules on the computer for communication on the Internet shall abide by the rules.

any computer manufacturer production system, just observe the IP protocol and the Internet interconnection and interflow.It is because of the IP protocol, the Internet rapid development to become the world's largest, open the computer communication network.Therefore, IP protocol can also be called "Internet protocol ".Popular speak: IP address can also be called the Internet address or Internet address.Is used to uniquely identifies the logical address of the computer on the Internet.Rely on computer connected to each IP address to identify yourself.Is very similar to us the phone number of the sample.Through to find the telephone number.The phone number of the whole world is the only one.IP address is the same.What do you mean

IP?How to realize network interconnection is IP?

each manufacturer production systems and network equipment, such as Ethernet, packet-switched networks, they cannot be exchanged with each other, exchange of the main reason is that they cannot transmit data by basic unit (technically called "Throughout the frame &;)The format is different.IP protocol is actually a set of software programs protocol software, it brings various "Throughout the frame &;Unified into "The IP datagram "Format, this kind of transformation is one of the most important characteristics of the Internet, make all the computer can realize the communication on the Internet, which has "Open "The characteristics of.So,

"Throughout the datagram &;What is?What's special about it?The datagram is also a form of packet switching, is their data transmitted by the segmented into "Package "And sent again.However, with the traditional "Connection type "Packet switching is different, it belongs to "No connection type ", it is put into each "Package "(branch) as a single "Independent message throughout the &;Sent, so called "Throughout the datagram &;.So, before starting the communication there is no need to connect a first circuit, each datagram does not necessarily through the same path transmission, so called "No connection type ".This feature is very important, it greatly improves the robustness and security of the network.

every datagram header and a message this two parts, the header is necessary content, such as the destination address each datagram without going through the same path can accurately reach its destination.At the destination to combination sent back into the original data.This is about to IP has the function of group set packaging and assembly.

in the actual process of transmission, the datagram can also through the network according to the provisions of the packet size to change the length of the datagram, IP datagram maximum length is 65535 bytes.What do you mean

IP?What is the IP address?

IP protocol and a very important content, that is to give each computer and other devices on the Internet provides a unique address, called "IP address ".With this unique address, to ensure the users on networked computer operation, can efficiently and conveniently from ten million computer select the desired object to himself.Telecommunication network is now

and IP network to converge, based on the IP of the new technology is a popular technology, such as IP network transmitting voice (VoIP) technology is very popular, other such as IPoverATM, IPoverSDH, IPoverWDM, etc., are all IP technology research focus.What do you mean

IP?What types IP address?

IP address depending on the network ID divided into five types, class A address, class B and class C address, class D address and E class.

1. The

A class A class A IP address IP address by 1 byte network address and host address 3 bytes, the highest level of network address must be "0 ", address range available 126 class A network, each network can accommodate more than 100 million hosts.

2. A class B IP address

a class B IP address network of 2 bytes address and of two bytes of the host address, the highest level of network address must be "10 ", address range.Available there are 16382 class B network, each network can accommodate more than 60000 hosts.

3. A class C IP address

a class C IP address by 3 bytes of the network address of the host address and 1 byte, the highest level of network address must be "Throughout 110 &;.Range can reach more than 2.09 million class C network, each network can hold 254 hosts.

4. The class D address used for Multicast (Multicast).

class d IP address first byte to "Lll0 "To start, it is a specially reserved address.It does not point to a specific network, at present this kind of address used in Multicast (Multicast).Multicast addresses used to addressing a group of computers at a time, it identifies a group of computers that share the same protocol.

address range

5. E class IP address to

"Llll0 "Beginning, reserved for future use.

all zero ("Throughout &;)Address corresponding to the current host.All "1 "The IP address of the ("Throughout &;)Is the broadcast address of the current subnet.What do you mean

IP?The IP address is assigned by what?

all the IP address of the NIC by international organizations (NetworkInformationCenter) is responsible for the uniform distribution, the current total of three such network information center in the world.

internic: responsible for the United States and other regions;

enic: responsible for Europe;

apnic: responsible for the asia-pacific region.

our country apply for IP address to by APNIC, APNIC's headquarters is in the university of Tokyo in Japan.Application to consider what kind of the IP address of the application, and then put forward to domestic agents.Above

is about what is the meaning of IP related introduction, through the introduction of this paper hope you have a certain understanding.

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