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ip set the default gateway method

2018-02-26 13:18:17

IP to set the default gateway IP

set the default gateway is arguably the most basic computer operation skills, so what to want how to set up?The following is to make a brief introduction of setup steps.

IP to set the default gateway steps:

1, open "The control panel ", "Viewing "Set to "Small ICONS "And then find and click "Internet options ".In

2, in the open window click "Change adapter Settings ".In

3, in the open window, right-click the "Local connection ", in the pop-up menu, select "Properties throughout the &;.

4, in the open "Local connection properties "Found in window "Version Internet protocol (TCP/IPv4) ", double-click to open.

5 in open "Version Internet protocol (TCP/IPv4) attributes "Window, check "Use the following IP address "And then enter the IP address and subnet mask, in the default gateway in the input box enter the default gateway address, finally click "Identify "Complete set.

6, testing the gateway.Open "Run "Dialog box, type the command "CMD"Open MSDOS window.And then type the command in a window "Ping - t", if the information is show successfully received the data, then the default gateway configured successfully.More than

is about the simple way to set the default gateway IP, hope to be of help.

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