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newifi new route 3 won the "2018 best intelligent router" title

2018-01-26 11:30:41

Before CJW community released "2017 CJW interactive annual list of technology products, with a list the most mainstream technology hardware products for domestic evaluation benchmark, a total of 11 nationwide intelligent technology products on the list.Among them, the newifi new road from 3 success made the list, was awarded the title of "annual best intelligent router" list, and OPPO, VIVO, glory, asus, millet, Bests the list together.,

reported that CJW community is a focus on intelligent hardware products cover one of the largest number of users community, to create a collection of original content, user communication, problem solving, software downloads, development discussion, with ROM production for the integration of vertical community.After years of operation and management, CJW community has become the country's most influential community.With powerful influence for endorsement for the community, and became the end user, market platform and the developer communication link between each other, and promote the development of the Android ecosystem in the Chinese market.

as the country's most innovative intelligent routing and the development potential of the brand, newifi new effort by the subject company chengdu science and technology co., LTD. In 2009, has successfully got lenovo, jingdong, thunderbolt industry giants such as investment and cooperation, one of China's leading intelligent routing success.New life as a advocate "smart home" brand of intelligent routing, newifi new road by the attaches great importance to technology innovation investment and exploration in the development of the Shared computing, the current newifi new road by the accumulation of the private cloud technology, brand operations has been in the top in China.,

the success on the list of the 2017 annual CJW interaction between technology products, not only because newifi new road from 3 as routing device in home entertainment life is practical, but also because it relies on its own strong block chain advantages of technological innovation, to build a good social flow sharing resources circulation of ecological system, so that everyone can enjoy the era of big data flow of dividends, as soon as possible to promote environmentally sustainable benefit the application and popularity of idle bandwidth.

"2018 annual list of technology products CJW interaction gives newifi new road from 3 list for wrote: with the continuous development of technology, more and more intelligent equipment began, newifi new road from 3 is a dark horse" routing "of 3 c industry, adopt new design concept for the first time with a routing community initiative core patent technology and based on the technique of block chain" gold mine "function, response" Shared economy "mainstream rhythm, let the user use idle bandwidth to obtain corresponding reward, set 1 minute 10000 sales record.With intelligent and advanced concept, become a dark horse in the many intelligent routing, after many test we awarded the titles of "intelligent router" of the year award.

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