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poe network camera advantages and disadvantages

2018-03-02 13:56:05

to the POE network camera believe a lot of friends do not understand, give everybody discusses POE technology, POE is also called local area network (LAN) power supply system, is the use of the existing standard Ethernet transmission cables can also transmit data and power, so it can be said that POE is a way of power supply, then the POE cameras is to use POE this with Ethernet network power supply network cameras, small make up today is mainly to introduce the POE the advantages and disadvantages of network cameras.

POE the advantages of network camera, to reduce the construction cost


POE web camera is not to need to other pick up a power supply, only need a can provide power and signal cables can be used to transmit data, it can save a big power and installed outlet of funds and labor costs.Also its installation is very simple only need a simple twisted-pair cable can be installed, pay attention to the places where installation must be network can achieve.

2 to

just said to the POE network, construction safety camera does not need to reset the socket and the power cord, so there's no need to high-voltage electrical workers and staff construction, the construction safety of the whole camera improved significantly.


we all know that as long as it is without interference signal cable is easily affected by the interference magnetic field camera images, POE power supply dc power supply is so impossible by the signal interference, also more clear picture.

4, energy conservation and environmental protection

when POE network camera power supply, the whole set by electricity has the identification function of power, so as not to waste electricity, ordinary camera we need to open the power consumption and long time to work for a long time, can't effective energy saving.

5, low maintenance costs

POE network camera is not to need to how to maintain, does not need power adapter do not need the power cord and plug, reduce a lot of need to maintain, maintenance cost is reduced greatly.


, stable performance, its performance is very stable, because need to wiring less natural performance more stable.

7, install beautiful

do not need the power adapter and waterproof boxes, power plug, etc, so the whole camera mounted up and do not affect beautiful.

8, high safety coefficient of

just small make up also has said it USES is POE power supply, the front there is no high voltage Settings, the safety of the system is also very good, not because of the power supply problems accidents, even in a higher place or humid environment is suitable for installation.

the shortcoming of POE network camera

by comparison, a more expensive than the ordinary camera, and the shell is fragile, under the powerful stimulation resist ability is not strong.

small make up above about the advantages and disadvantages of POE network camera is to integrate these, now the main camera are the POE web camera on the market, it is in addition to the more expensive little faults, is the development of the era of high-tech technology products, believe that with the development of the society will be more and more this kind of high-tech products.

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