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rpc server is not available how to do, RPC server is not available What are the solutions

2018-01-15 15:03:13

abstract: we in the use of computers for time synchronization, install the printer or other operations may encounter a problem, also it is prompt "The RPC server is unavailable ", a lot of friends may for RPC is not understand, more do not know how to solve, follow below small make up take a look at how to solve this question.

"the RPC server is unavailable" the RPC server is unavailable?The RPC server is unavailable solution together

a simple way: by

"The control panel/management tools/services ", check the RPC Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator the two services that are set to start automatically.

if not yet, see DCOM Server Process the Launcher has been running this service?If not, set the DCOM service to start automatically, you can solve one of the ten famous brands in

server >>

b complex method:

in the first place, cause "The RPC server is unavailable "May be the cause of we disable the RPC in the service project, for which we should enable the service.Solution has the following several kinds:

method one: modify the registry

run registry editor, open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsystemCurrentControl - SetServicesRpcSs branch, will Start item value by "4 "Modified to "2 "That set the startup type to automatic, reboot the system.Method 2:

use "SC"Order

into "Command prompt "Window, type "Sc config RpcSs start = auto"Command, the system will display "SC ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS"So that it can enable the RPC service success.


method 3: using the recovery console Windows 2003 system as an example, start with the installation CD, system into the Windows 2003 installation interface, press "R"Key to log in to the recovery console.In the recovery console, type "The enable RpcSs service_auto_start "Command, and then type "Exit"Login command, reboot the system, in normal mode, enable RPC services can be successful.

second, see a net friend on the Internet has the following problems.If you have the following problems according to his ways to do.

the author using the above methods are not successful, seems to have only themselves to solve.I think some of the registry key value must be changed, so as to enable.Before

the disabled to restore a backup of the registry is disabled after the registry, prompt unable to import, you don't succeed.Cannot be enabled.

take disabled before and after disabling two registry (branch), only take HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM content into a Word document, and then use the Word in the "Compare and merge document "Functions, can automatically find the difference between two registry.Through comparative analysis, I found disabled after the registry has the following branches:

1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurr - entControlSetHardwareProfiles001SystemCurrentControlSetEnumROOTLEGACY_RPCSS

2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurr - entControlSetHardwareProfilesCurrentSystemCurrentControlSetEnumROOTLEGACY_RPCSS

disable registry before no more than two branches.By further operation, found that just delete the first branch can revive the RPC service.

original three methods above, can only be applied to change the RPC service start type to ban.I closed the RPC service is not change the startup type, but prohibited hardware configuration files associated with it services, and otherStart"The value of the item is still "2 ", no change.So to will enable hardware configuration file service, to enable the RPC service.Throughout the &;

again, I found that I use the above two steps have no way to put my problem solving, how to do?In fact, the above two step implementation is based on Dcom service to open.Similarly, the service is in the service of Dcom, in "Start "- "Run "In the input "Services. Msc", find a service project, starting with Dcom instead "Throughout the manual &;Mode, then "Start "Service.So you can!Try you can achieve (oh ~) to open the disk manager, tip: the RPC server is unavailable

to start the DCOM service solutions, and register the following file;Running regsvr32 c: windowssystem32msxml3 dll

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