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smtp server build tutorial to share [graphic tutorial]

2018-01-16 09:21:20

in this era, people transmit information basically is to use mail transfer, so you know how to use computers is mail transfer.Through this server, is through the SMTP server, people can write their things by mail through the server transmits to the place that you want mail transfer, let small make up to introduce you to the next.What's SMTP transmitter


SMPT mean simple mail transfer protocol, it is a set of rules for source address send mail to a destination, and is decided by its mail transfer way.Smtp transmissions using reliable data provided by the TCP mail information from the sender email sent to the recipient's mailbox.So now that you probably know what the Smtp transmitter is, the small make up will tell you how to set up their own Smtp transmissions.

the first step set up Smtp transmitter

first of all we want on the Internet to download a software called unfettered, software installation is very simple, enter all the way.After installation, we start the unfettered this software, then it will automatically enter the configuration wizard window, but if your computer is to open the mail software, then the background software first shut down.Click the next button, after the DNS server configuration.On the preferred DNS server window to fill in your DNS server IP address, if you don't know can inquire on the net, baidu this step is very simple.Settings after click next, and then software start testing this machine's email accounts, and to display detected account to the list, click next, this will help us to modify the software.

set up Smtp transmitter

to the second step after the above steps, open relay Smtp server list window, then click the add button, the window will pop up a Smtp server information, inside the host column fill in to the host address, then select the validation check box, enter your account number and password in 263, after the completion of the click ok.Completed in relay server it was more than a SMTP server setting, attention will start the SMTP server list selected can have the effect of real relay.Set after clicking next, open the freedom of the conventional Settings window, there are two options, you can choose according to their own situation.Click next after complete set, into the freedom of the main window.Such a SMTP server erection is completed.

introduced so much, I believe everyone for SMTP have a probably understanding, should also learn how to set up SMTP transmissions.We are studying carefully I'll give you set up the basic steps, then you can in your own computer a try of the interview, I hope my answer help you.

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