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steps of notebook how to settings WiFi hotspot

2018-01-15 18:04:25


laptop set up wifi hotspot steps how to make the laptop set up wifi?Based on the Windows xp system wifi hotspot introduce notebook set the specific operation method of wi-fi hotspots, if you still don't hurry to learn!

laptop set up wifi hotspot concrete operation: step 1,

on a laptop set up wifi hotspot issues, as shown in the figure below: right-click the network icon, select "Open the network connections throughout the &;This option.Step 2,

to enter the network connection window, find the wireless network connections, click the right mouse button, select "Enable ".Step 3, click the right mouse button, after the commissioning of

selection "Properties throughout the &;.Step 4,

in the properties window, as shown in red arrow, in turn, click "Wireless network configuration "- "Add ".Step 5, the Settings as shown in figure

"The network name (SSID) throughout the &;His calm, "Network throughout the key &;His calm, format can be 3 Numbers 2 letters (if you want to set up other format to try, because the system of the safety factor of key demand is higher, but according to the format can be certain of success)

after completion of step 6, this interface Settings click "Connection "Options, as shown in figure in the options box only, set up after the completion of the click ok.Step 7,

as shown in figure can see what you have just set the wireless network, and click "Senior "Options.Check

steps, as shown in figure 8, set the click close.Step 9,

the next click "Regular "Options, has been down, double click on the red box of options, as shown in figure.Step 10, below the same Settings can be

(thus set up a wireless local area network), set up after the completion of the click ok.Step 11,

of the wireless network connection setup is complete.12

steps, then, will set up a local connection, the following figure, right-click the local connection, select "Properties throughout the &;.Step 13,

in the properties window select "Senior ", as shown in figure set, set up, click ok.14,

steps of the local connection setup is complete.Step 15

the next is the key step, as shown in figure right click on the lower right corner of the network icon () as the first step, click "Change the Windows firewall Settings ".16,

steps below into the interface, select "Closed (not recommended) "Set the click ok to complete the laptop set up wifi hotspot.

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