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the difference between a non network management switch and a network management switch

2018-01-04 14:45:53

we now basically every day a little bit of time spent on the network, using the network, also have been growing.One more, you will need some management personnel, in case of any mistakes or bad information.So the network switch and network switch occurs, the role of the two machines is about the same, but there is some difference.Below small make up to introduce you to the principle of network switches, and the difference between network management and network switch.

the principle of network switches

switch belongs to the type of network data link layer device, the MAC address information in the packet can be recognized, then according to the MAC address forwarding, and record the MAC address with the corresponding port in its own internal an address table.Specific work process is as follows:

(1) when switches from a port receives a packet, it first reads the source MAC address in baotou, so that it would know the source MAC address of the machine is in which port;

(2) to read the destination MAC address in the baotou, and find the appropriate port in the address table;

(3) the table with the destination MAC address of the corresponding port, the data packets directly copied to the port;

(4) if can't find the corresponding ports in the table the packet broadcast to all ports, when purpose machines to the source response, switches and can learn what port destination MAC address and corresponding, the next time when transmitting data will no longer need to broadcast all ports.

what is the meaning of the network switch

a network switch, is the relative to type network switches.Data type network switches, can through the simple network management protocol (SNMP) to implement the configuration, the SNMP protocol is currently the most widely used based on TCP/IP network network management protocol, data can be address, port, protocol type, service, such as filtering, usually also has vlans to function.But the network switch is not do the deal directly with the data.

can be the difference between the network management and network switch network is also known as intelligent switch, switch to the network data are not directly forward.And intelligent switch can to address, port, protocol type, data filtering is usually have vlans function such as service.

on the small make up to introduce what is about the network switches, what is the principle of network switches, the network what is the difference between switch and network switch.The function of network switches, mainly divided into two categories, one is used to observe various devices in a network to have problems, there is also a function is used to see in the network in any bad information.Hope the above content on the network switch, will help to all of you.

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