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tp-link Power Line Adapter how to match?

2018-01-23 13:55:33
The current TP -

LINK powerline adapters (hereinafter referred to as the adapter) factory has the same private network name, just put in the same power adapter environment, can automatically match, do not need to manually matching.

if you need to create multiple power lines in the same power line environment private network, you will need to manually, as follows:

three adapters for family common on the Internet, the other two adapters used to connect the IPTV.To avoid two network influence each other, need two network adapter into the different private networks respectively, manual matching is required at this time.This paper introduces the method of powerline adapters manual matching

.The setting method of


if private network adapter products all have a key pair, can match by key pair (method a).If one or more of the private network adapter is not pair key, then you need to change network through configuration software name or password input devices for matching method (method 2 or 3).

note: part of the products is the config button, function and key pair.

based on the adapter A pairing with the adapter B s IPTV network as an example, respectively introduces two methods of matching the specific operation:

method, using Pair key Pair insert two adapters in the same row with

hold down the adapter A Pair button 3 ~ 8 seconds, loosen the hold within 2 minutes after another adapter B Pair button 3 ~ 8 seconds, after A period of time the light on the adapter out and become normally on state, two adapters matching success, A good IPTV private network.After the success of the

A and B match, if there is A third adapter C to join this private network, hold down the adapter C Pair button 3 ~ 8 seconds, loosen the hold the adapter A or B in 2 minutes after the Pair of keys 3 ~ 8 seconds, when light is put out and become A normally on state adapter, the adapter C success to join the private network.

method, using the PLC configuration software to modify network name matching management software,


1, installation powerline adapters can through the product comes with CD or click here to download and install the configuration software.Note:

tp - link part powerline adapters need to use special configuration software, please install the software product with CD or according to the product model and hardware version Numbers to tp - link website to download the corresponding configuration software.

powerline adapters management software installation is completed, will automatically generate PLC application shortcut on the desktop icon, shown in the following figure:

2, modify the adapter A network name

use cables connect the computer to the adapter on A network interface, open the PLC application, in accordance with the following Settings:

tips "Determine the set network name?Throughout the &;, click "Confirm ", began to set the network name of equipment, the following graph:

until the tip: "Set the success ", determine the adapter after A network name has been changed to: IPTV.

3 the network name, modify the adapter B

by the same method will be in the name of the network adapter B.

if there are other adapter need to join the private network, respectively according to the above method.All the name changed to the same network adapter, plug the adapter into the designated position, can form a good IPTV private network.After the success of the

pairs, the adapter on the need to position, after the electricity adapter automatically paired.

methods, using the PLC configuration software input device password pairs in the PLC device to isolate

standard password (pictured) labeled with equipment, computer connection adapters. A, B, found in the network adapter and then use the adapter B password matching A and B.


installation method, installation powerline adapters management software can reference "Method 2 "In the first step.

2, added equipment input password

use cables connect the computer to the adapter on A network interface, open the PLC application, add adapter B to electricity, carried out in accordance with the following Settings:

in the PLC control software, click "The network ->Add ", the diagram below:

set up the adapter B "Device name ", to be named.The input adapter B "The device password ", you can put a check equipment standard, click "Save ".After the success of the

waiting for equipment added, displays have been added in the list of equipment, namely that two equipment matching success.The diagram below:

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