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tp-link how to set up a wireless router, tp-link wireless router password settings tutorial

2018-02-12 14:55:51

for wireless router we have some things is not easy to solve, such as don't want to use the original password, want to change a password, it is suitable for what to do?Is to use wireless router set function of course, here small make up just to share with you the tp - link wireless router password the latest set of tutorial.Tp -

link wireless router password the latest edition of the set tutorial is as follows:

1, first of all, we need to get the computer boot, boot after the first step we need to do is to open a browser, and enter in your browser url input box address of the router's default login: (due to different brand of router login address may vary, so suggest that we take a look at the router shell above nameplates.it made landfall again).Click the enter key after

2, input, can see the router login dialog pop up.

3, want to know when login the router set the user name and password are we into the default admin (due to different brand router's situation is different also, you can have a look at your router shell above mark wrote something on the nameplate).

4, then we will be able to enter the router's management interface, and then in the position of the router's management interface on the left to see "System tools "Menu, and here are "Modify the login password "Options.

5, then, of course, is to modify the router login password.Select change password function, you can see it on the screen the right to modify the password text box, we have in the text box above the default user name and password is entered, and in their below to fill in the new user name and password.If want to change the password, username or admin, if want to put the user name also changed, just fill in on itself.After

6, fill out, click the finish button.At the next login wireless router, will not be able to use the default account to log in, just set up in new user name and password to log in.The above content is tp -

link the latest wireless router password Settings tutorial, believe that everyone has something, learn to wireless router password Settings tutorial can not only let us change the password, still can undertake many other contents about wireless routers, for instance, in addition to change the password, and, the router login setting modification method has many just use the router Settings the Internet friends he method is not too understand, but as long as we learn a little, you will find the router problem actually can be solved easily.

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