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tp-link router speed settings detailed explanation

2018-01-19 11:45:59

friends, you and others to rent a house?You and all those scantily clad sister at home to share a broadband?When you L or a knife, you experience a make track for a star's sister in the exobiology egg painful mood?It doesn't matter, today let's study together, how to put the sister of speed limit.

TP route, for example, in the browser enter (see behind the router address label other brands), enter the main interface, and then click the DHCP server will pop up the following figure:

click the client list, appear here, remember your MAC address, specific to see in the illustration.If the MAC address is too much, can't remember your own MAC address, can right click on my computer - property - computer name (Windows 7 computer place: right-click on my computer - property - advanced system Settings), to find your computer name of the MAC address, Ctrl + C to copy, then want to use.

and then click the static address allocation, add a new directory.

just you remember your own MAC address to fill in the following illustration box, paste directly Ctrl + D on MAC address, IP address assigned to himself a (or other), if his phone also need to set up, using the same method, assign IP addresses to, and so on, how many IP address set how many points.

finally come to this figure, in the previous period of its own IP address IP address, if you have several own IP, directly from (see oneself set of IP address), the back of the check is enabled, remember mode choice above guarantee minimum bandwidth, the specific size with your own Settings, the building size of the graph is 8 m broadband, for reference.If you don't want someone stealing their WIFI in addition, can enter a behind (if you use the, begin from 106 set) to, directly limit the maximum bandwidth is 0, so even if someone else is not even on your WIFI can't get to the Internet, but remember to change the route of the initial page came in account and password, or other people also can use the same method in Settings.More than

steps to save and restart.

in the hot summer coming soon, a sister speeds slag, she can't see the TV show the British drama, Korean dramas, can only hold a chilled wear a big watermelon and holding the pipa relaxed robe is watching TV in the sitting room, SAO years, the arrival of the opportunity so sadly interest-free, elder brother can help you on this.

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