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tplink wireless expander how to set up, tplink wireless expander setting method

2018-03-02 18:18:21

along with the social progress faster and faster, people's living standard has been raised, and the people to pursue also more and more high spirit substance, and now for most friend's largest mental substance is to be able to get to the Internet, where cell phones can connect wireless.For the tplink wireless expander Settings, I think a lot of friends are all don't know, here small make up there to share about how tplink wireless expander Settings, hope we share content can help to you.

wireless tplink expander how set up

fixed channel set master router

to determine the SSID and

login the router's management interface, click on the wireless set →→Basic Settings on this page to confirm SSID (wireless signal name), fixed channel, and click save.

confirm password

click wireless set →→Wireless security Settings and make sure the wireless encryption, and wireless password.

vice router set

shut down the DHCP server

login the router's management interface, click the DHCP server →→The DHCP service, will the DHCP server option is not enabled, click save.

wireless setup and open WDS scanning signal

click wireless Settings →→Wireless basic Settings, modify the SSID, the same as the main router, fixed channel, check the open WDS, click on the scan.


to choose the main router signal scan the page to find the main router wireless SSID, and click on the link.


to enter the password input the key position of router wireless password, input after the completion of the click set pair of router wireless password

click wireless set →→Wireless security Settings, select the WPA wpa2-psk/connected wpa2-psk, set in the PKS password the same as the main router wireless password, click save.Note:

vice router's SSID, wireless password can be different from the main router, if you need to implement roaming, must be the same as the master router.

change management IP address

click network parameters →→LAN Settings, modify IP address on the same network segment with the main routers, modify complete click save, pop-up reboot prompt page, click ok, wait for restart to complete.

note: restart after using a modified management interface IP address to log in router.

check whether WDS bridge set up successful

open a browser, modified by vice router IP address login management interface.Click on the running state, the status of wireless →→WDS, show success WDS bridge set successfully.

now wireless WDS bridge set up, deputy router wireless terminals connected to zhangsan, can be normal access to the network.In the process of the mobile terminal, realizing the automatic roaming between main and deputy router.More than

is that we give everybody sharing details about wireless tplink expander how the content of the set, hope we share content can help to you.Also want you to see our share knowledge, to learn the tplink wireless expander Settings.In addition also hope you in later life if encounter to the tplink wireless expander Settings, you can pay more attention to our share content.As long as according to the we share the content of the operation can be set up wireless tplink expander.

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