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upnp is what, upnp setting method 【Details】

2018-01-10 13:04:32

UPnP is what mean?UPnP Settings what is method?


UPnP is a variety of intelligent devices, wireless devices and PC to realize global peer (P2P) network connection structure.UPnP is a kind of distributed, open network architecture.UPnP is independent media.In any operating system, the use of any programming language UPnP devices can be used.

introduction of UPnP


English name: Universal plug-in and Play

Chinese translation:

UPnP agreement by Universal Plug and Play is the Universal Plug and Play English plug-in and Play, abbreviated UPnP.UPnP specification based on TCP/IP protocol and in view of the equipment and to formulate a new Internet protocol communication between each other.Say computer peripherals Plug and Play (plug-in and Play (PnP), you may very well, but the universal Plug and Play, most people feel confused about.Because of adding support for UPnP Windows xp and was found to very serious security problems, so, for a moment, to make the UPnP reputation.

upnp basic concept

upnp application range is very large, so that many ready enough to realize, new and exciting scheme, including home automation, printing, image processing, audio/video entertainment, kitchen equipment, automobile and public gathering places of similar networks.It can give full play to the function of the TCP/IP and network technology, not only can for similar network seamless connection, but also can control the network equipment and the transfer of information between them.No device drivers in the UPnP architecture, replaced by common agreement.Upnp

was not the simple extension of peripheral devices plug-and-play model.In the design, it supports zero setting, network connection process "Invisible "And automatically find numerous suppliers as the stars of the type of device.In other words, a UPnP devices automatically with a network connection, and automatically obtain an IP address, send out their own power and learn other is connected to the equipment and power.Finally, the device can automatically cut off the network connection smoothly, and will not cause unexpected problems.

upnp to promote the development of Internet technology, including IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, SSDP and XML technology.Contract cable application protocol based on the Internet, and the agreement is illustrative, transmitted using XML to describe and HTTP.The same is that UPnP clear design goal is to provide such an environment.Moreover, when cost, technology and funds factors prevented in certain media or when access to the device using IP, UPnP can provide the IP protocol through the way of bridging the media channels.UPnP not specified for the application API, so suppliers can create your own API to meet customer demand.How to set up

UPnP set

UPnP support UPnP

English full name is the Universal plug-in and Play, namely Universal Plug and Play protocol, in order to realize the computer and intelligent electrical equipment peer-to-peer network architecture.And network address and the network address conversion is based on this agreement, so as long as our router support upnp, and support the agreement we use the xp operating system, then we can promotive to enhancing the transmission speed.

into the router Settings interface, so if your router support upnp in forwarding rules under the TAB you will see the upnp Settings (different router may have different), in this option, we choose to enable upnp, then we can reset the router.So we're done with the router Settings.

to enable UPnP

in some cases, the user interface of Windows XP UPnP devices can be found, and to provide its own user interface to control the equipment.A good example is "The network connection "Folder UPnP residential gateway device of the user interface (UI).Market popular Linksys BEFSR41W wireless router after installed, automatically displayed in "The network connection "Folder, for Windows XP has a built-in a related applications.

in addition to this, you can use the following steps to install the optional UI components.After the UI components will be found in the new system equipment showed a "The balloon "Notice, and in "Online neighbors "Place an icon folder for each device.In order to enable UPnP UI, follow these steps:

1 click "Start ", click "The control panel ", and then click "Add or remove programs ".

2. In "Add or remove programs "Dialog box, click "Add/remove Windows components ".

3. In "The Windows components wizard ", click "Web services ", click "Detailed ", and then select "Universal plug and play "Check box.

4. Click "Identify ", and then click "The Windows components wizard "In the dialog box "The next step ".You may need to provide your Windows XP installation CD.

upnp mapping the cause of the failure

. System services banned in SSDP service (for looking for upnp devices)

2. Open the XP SP1 ICF (network connecting to the firewall).(XP ICF and UPnP devices found to have conflict, SP2 fixes the problem, but still needs to be in the firewall Settings allow exceptions: UPnP framework.)

3. The router does not support UPnP, please ask manufacturer.

and so on.

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