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vpn how to set up, vpn erection methods and introduction [Detailed]

2018-01-12 14:12:31

about the VPN, I believe you won't feel strange.With it, we can freely use twitter and so on foreign social networks.Then might as well let small make up together to get to know a few questions about set up a VPN.We will introduce the VPN profile as well as the method to set up the VPN steps.Interested to know more information on building VPN friends can refer to the below related text image content, the hope presents small make up the relevant content of information to help everyone.


VPN VPN profile of English full name is "Virtual PrivateNetwork"Is the translation of, "Virtual private network ".VPN is defined as through a public network (usually Internet) to establish a temporary, secure connection, is a through the chaos of the common network security and stability of the tunnel.Use the tunnel can be several times the data encryption to achieve the purpose of safe use of the Internet.Virtual private networks (VPNS) is an extension to the corporate Intranet.Virtual private networks (VPNS) can help remote users, branch company, business partners and suppliers with the company's Intranet to establish a reliable secure connection, for economic effectively connected to business partners and the user's security extranet virtual private networks (VPNS).VPN technology, encryption technology, mainly adopts tunnel key management technology and user identity authentication technology and equipment.

VPN can provide functions: firewall functions, authentication, encryption, tunneling.

VPN can through special encryption communication protocol to connect to the Internet, in different parts of the two or more enterprises to establish a proprietary communication link between the Intranet, is like a special line has been set up, but it does not need to go the real physical line laying optical cable.It would be like to telecommunication bureau to apply for special line, but not for the cost of the new wiring, also don't have to buy a router and other hardware equipment.VPN technology is a router has one of the important technology in switches, firewall devices or Windows 2000 and above in the operating system support the VPN features, in a word, the core of the VPN is use public network to establish virtual private network.

2, set up the VPN method

basic search Windows 7 VPN in search engine, the tutorial is all about how to establish a VPN connection in Windows 7, the paper of today is: how to set up a VPN server, under Windows 7 adversary, let the other people to connect with you:)

of course, a lot of friends may not know what exactly is the purpose of VPN, this, in this article we designed door posted below a VPN an introduction.

the following, we straight into the theme, look at the specific steps: set up the VPN server

1, network icon, click on the lower right corner and then select "Open network and sharing center ", and select "Change adapter Settings "

2, then in "The menu bar "(if you don't see the menu bar, please press the Alt key on the keyboard, can display the menu bar) click "File ", select "New incoming connections throughout the &;(this is important)

3, check the option allows you to use VPN connection to the users of this machine, if the user has not been created, please click "Add user "

choose other users connected to the VPN, choose here "Through Internet", if you show, please choose the right way.

4, then set the network parameters, if the other party can use local network DHCP server after connection, you can skip this setting.If there is no DHCP server, the local network must be must be set, please click "Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP) ", point "Properties throughout the &;Button and select "Specify the IP address ", such as my IP is 192.168.1 beginning, then set an unused IP segment, such as from to click to determine after setting, and then click "Allow access ".After

5, according to the above Settings, other users can use the above account and your IP address to use VPN connection to your network.

on firewalls and network user's special instructions:

if you have a firewall allow ports 1723 and 1701.

if you are a Intranet users please do 1723 and 1701 on the router port mapping, generally do 1723.More than

we introduce two aspects of content about set up a VPN.Explained the VPN first small make up for all the relevant information, and then, for example, the method of building VPN for everyone.Through the above introduction to literature image information space, we learned that set up the VPN needs certain professional knowledge, have intention to know more information about set up VPN friends can refer to the above information to find other more comprehensive information, after the hope to help everyone.

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