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wifi always disconnected automatically how to do, wifi automatically disconnected solution [explain]

2018-01-15 09:54:36

with the rapid development of mobile phones and computers, now a lot of computer and cell phone use is wi-fi network.The wi-fi is becoming increasingly important in our life.Especially friends often use mobile phones and the requirement to the wi-fi is also very high.A lot of friends to a place has habitual to find wi-fi.But a lot of friends in the use of mobile phone connected wi-fi will encounter a problem.Wi-fi is unstable is always off and on.For a lot of friends all don't know how to solve this problem, then small make up detailed to everyone to share about what to do with wi-fi is always broken.

why wifi always automatically disconnected


wi-fi signal congestion like radio, the same station to use the same band.In other words, the more a user to send and receive equipment surrounding the WiFi, the greater the impact on the WiFi network signal.In addition to the router itself, mobile phone, wireless phone, bluetooth devices such as microwave Shanghai, is likely to be the cause of congestion.

solution: turn off the equipment, or install the router to interfere with relatively less.

2, unable to send and receive at the same time

wifi unable to send and receive data at the same time, this will inevitably cause data latency.So many people at the same time use the same WiFi channel will greatly affect the WiFi signal strength.

why WiFi always automatically disconnected solution more than

1) using a WiFi at the same time, a situation to rub may be network.In this case, the first thing you have to use WPA encryption way, it is safer than WEP way.Then in the basic Settings of the wireless set to close the SSID broadcasting, closed it does not affect their access to the Internet but someone else's computer can't see the signals of your router to launch.Again, can try to revise the WiFi password.

2) if your WiFi is used in the home, it will not be able to shut down.But can then use a recruit: limit the IP address, set the IP address of the router allocates only a certain range, guarantee the equipment in the home with the IP address, so there is no network.


software background check whether the equipment you are using the software in automatic synchronous data and photos.Most of these applications work in the background and ignored by the user, but it is take up a lot of traffic.

solution: shut up you don't have software, can you save some WiFi traffic.

4, position

wireless routers routing device placement has very big effect to the signal strength.For example, if you will be a router on the edge of a concrete wall, the signal strength will be discounted.

solution: if possible, the router the best placement of nature is the house in the middle of the ceiling., of course, not every family environment is appropriate to do so, the most effective way, is the most often put the router in Internet area nearby, try not to have the shield block in the middle.More than

5. The WIFI signal in the center of the more concentrated in a channel

high-end real estate, the more users to use the WIFI in the home, if there are hundreds of wireless network, WIFI environment is very bad.This case even if the user's mobile phone, Pad on the WiFi signal is full, can also speed is slow.This is because, the router can use hundreds of WiFi channel, but by default will give preference to 2.4 GHz frequency channel, make its crowded.

solution: modify the router channel and SSID, also try to change into a won't duplicate names.

of course, in addition to the four main reasons for this, the router firmware version is too low, a virus invasion, mobile phone tablet laptop is a problem with the WiFi function, etc., are likely to influence the effect of WiFi experience, these troubles, suggest or ask professionals to help get the most convenient and quick.

wifi connection is not on the wireless local area network (WLAN)

a, if you have any key network First of all make sure get the key.

and some other network has filtering mechanism (for example, MAC address filtering) please ensure that the filtering mechanism will filter out of your mobile.

3, replace the network system Now home wireless router is generally support 802.11 b and 802.11 g system.A computer network card are generally support.But many phones only support one of them, please change the network system and try to restart the router.Also recommended not to choose mixed mode.Is more than

small make up to you to share in detail about the wi-fi is always off the method of how to deal with, we hope our share to be of help, especially often use wi-fi friends, more want to focus on our above share content, because in our usual life if the router is bad or incorrect performance wi-fi would lead to instability.In addition if wi-fi far from comparison and will lead to a wi-fi instability of money, and that we are processing method of wi-fi unstable share very detailed, hope everyone to be able to focus on our share.

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