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wifi is what

2018-01-15 11:22:03

wifi everyone not unfamiliar, in simple terms, is the wireless Internet access.So what is the wifi?It is a personal computer, can be hand-held devices (such as PDA, mobile phone) terminal wirelessly connected to each other.Then give you details of the popular science:

wifi is what?

wifi simple can understand for is wireless Internet access, now many smartphones and most tablets support wifi, wifi for wireless fidelity, is the one of the most widely used a wireless network transmission technology.Is actually converts the signal cable network and wireless signal, as at the beginning to introduce, using a wireless router for the support of its related computer technology, mobile phone, tablet, etc.Mobile phone if you have WIFI function, at the time of have a WIFI signal, mobile unicom's network can not through the Internet, to eliminate the traffic fee.But the WIFI signal is also provided by networks, such as home ADSL, residential broadband, such as long as you pick up a wireless router, you can converts the signal cable WIFI signal.Many cities in the developed countries abroad everywhere covered with WIFI signal provided by the government or big company for the use of residents, you don't have the technology popularization in our country at present.

so wifi current is very easy to implement, as long as our home traditional router for wireless router, wifi can be realized a simple set of people sharing Internet access, wi-fi radius is commonly can reach 95 meters, but be affected by walls, etc, the actual distance will be smaller, but the office since needless to say, it is also can be used in the whole building, because the distance is not far away.

wi-fi wireless Internet are frequently used in a big city at present, although the wi-fi technology, wireless communication quality is not very good, data security performance less than bluetooth transmission quality also needs to be improved, but the transmission speed is very fast, can achieve 54 MBPS, meeting the needs of individual and social informatization.WiFi's main advantage is that don't need wiring, can not be restricted by wiring condition, therefore very suitable for the need of mobile office users, and because the transmitting power below 100 mw, below mobile transmission power, so the WiFi relatively is also the most safe and healthy.What's wifi

?The above is the wifi is introduced in detail.Wifi into the life of the people, make people life brilliant, everywhere can surf the Internet.

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