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wifi sharing wizard phone Rom even how to do

2018-02-09 10:37:08

wi-fi sharing mobile phone even don't do

wi-fi sharing elves is a wireless network card based on PC application wireless sharing software, only have wifi network in area, can share data with others through wireless network, can say is better than a router.But using wifi sharing elves also can appear many problems in the process, such as wifi sharing even not elves mobile phone, mobile phone can't even do so wifi sharing elves?The following is to help you solve this problem.

wi-fi sharing elves, even the mobile on the solution: step 1,

when the phone can not connect normal wifi sharing elf Shared hotspot, suggest that we update to install the latest version of wi-fi sharing the elves.Direct to "Wifi Shared throughout the elves &;The official website to download the corresponding version of the program.

show success started in step 2, when the wifi sharing elves, but the phone still no wifi.This is due to the android mobile phone does not support ADHOC mode, the solution is to patch the android mobile phone.Need to get mobile phone ROOT access first, and then choose reasonable according to mobile phone version of the android patches for installation.Step 3,

, of course, another reason is that lead to the condition that causes a wireless network card driver installation is not correct, need to upgrade to this wireless network card driver or uninstall and reinstall the drive to try to solve the problem.Step 4, run the wifi sharing elves,

suggests no wireless card.For this kind of situation, if the computer has not been configured wireless card, suggest to buy a USB wireless network card.If there is a wireless network card has been configured, but the wifi sharing elf couldn't identify, suggest to restart the computer.Step 5,

and the wireless card services are disabled.To: right-click "Computer "And from the pop-up menu, select "Management ".Step 6,

, in turn, expand "Services and applications "- →"Service "To ensure that "Wlan AutoConfig"In an open position.If the service is not open, choose not open service -Right-click the properties -Optional automatic -Enable -Identify -Generally open service need to restart the computer to take effect, restart the computer.Step 7,

run wifi sharing elves tip error code:

error code 1: such as running wifi sharing elves appear when the error code 1, indicating the user's network limited, need to manually set the wireless network card static IP address.

error code 80004005, such as running wifi sharing elves appear when the error code 80004005, firewall system is not open (especially for XP system), computer --Right click --Management --Services and applications --Service --Windows Firewall—-The mouse right click --Enable the can.

error code 8000 FFFF, such as running wifi sharing elves appear when the error code 8000 FFFF, indicate that the network connection error, need to select the correct network card.In addition, every Internet environment is different!Choose the card name is different.Users need the wifi sharing elves "Internet access "The form to select the correct network card.

error code 80040201, such as running wifi sharing elves appear when the error code 80040201, shows the IP address of the local computer network adapter conflicts, users only need to open network and sharing center --To change the adapter --Local connection right-click properties --Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP), modify the IP network segment information.

error code 80070425: restart the computer to solve (manual have 1061 code sharing network to restart the computer).Above

is solve wifi sharing elves, even the mobile in several ways, hope to help everyone.Related:


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