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win10 even wifi how to do, win10 wifi connection method [explain]

2018-01-11 12:47:01

Microsoft after launch win10, was a lot to push update win10, on the design of the system is set up Windows 7 and the advantages of doing, and joined a lot of new contents.Win10 the optimization of system and the appearance of the system has a lot of ascension, in a short time, but also to many win10 patch updates.At the same time, a new system has brought about many new problems, flash back part of the software, computer blue screen and so on.Recently, there are some users response after the upgrade win10 wifi even not on, small make up here to find some materials found several methods to deal with win10 even not wifi on this kind of situation.Power check router,


(10 seconds) wireless routers and cat (modem), sometimes the router's fault, how to connect everyone should know, don't know, please check my experience "How do cats and wireless router connection (step, rounding) ", be sure to connect the right under the situation of our operation.Restart no results please look at the next step.

2, with other computer, tablet or cell phone to try even once, see if I can make it even, if can be connected, please directly to "Check the computer set "Steps, if can't, please see the next step.

3, pulled the cable out of the connection between the cat and wireless router, with this wiring cats and computer, use dial up the Internet (some may be directly open the web page can access to the Internet), if you still don't get to the Internet, then two reasons, one is broadband problem, the solution is to call broadband service, 2 it is line problem, take the Internet line for a try just now.If you can even see on the next step.Check the wireless router set up


to correct connection good cat and wireless router, and take a piece of string will be directly connected to the computer and the router.Specific how to open is no longer open the router Settings interface (statements, specific please refer to my experience "How do cats and wireless router connection (step, rounding) "Step), in

2, mainly to check these two, one is the online account and password, the second is wireless WIFI password.If all right but still can't get to the Internet, then reset the router again (equivalent to reset reset, specific please refer to my experience "How do cats and wireless router connection (step, rounding) ").Set should be after the completion of other computer can surf the Internet phone, if your computer can't, then please look at the next step "Check the computer set "Check the computer set up


first check computer wireless WIFI password input is correct, reconnect, lose a WIFI password again.If you haven't even (even when possible the WIFI, but can't surf the Internet) please have a look at the next step.

2, clear up the browser garbage in the browser, can also be clear with the help of a security guard software.

3, computers at the bottom right corner, the network icon on the right click - troubleshooting - to repair it.

4, if not yet, with the aid of the third party software to repair.Find my tool is the plug-in network diagnosis, detection repair again.This normally detected is DNS error, through our above a series of steps, is basically a possible, please look at the next step "Check the network card driver "

check nic driver

1, just uninstall the original network card driver, reinstall.

unloading steps: on Windows logo (the original) right click - computer management system tools - performance - device manager - network adapter - find the card right click - unloading.

2, installation, there are two ways, one, if you can find a suitable for your computer's network card driver, then download and install.Two, if you cannot find, then use a third party driver software to automatically identify the installation.

as long as you carefully follow the steps below, general can solve, to tell the truth, win10 bring nic driver generally can meet, so you can solve in the previous steps.If still can't solve, I can leave a message or direct messages, I help you see, at the same time I also rose up, continue to supplement the experience.

win10 after installation, if you can't normal wifi connection, you just need to open a computer in the network and sharing tools, and then change adapter Settings, find WLAN wireless network, right-click the diagnosis, and then you can fix the problem.Win10 is a new system, we can find more after use, in constant changes, we can go to adapt to the new system, also let more adapt to the new system we use.Win10 even not wifi may also be hurt you download unlimited assistant, cause computer even not wifi, only need to uninstall it is ok to reload.

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