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win7 set wifi, let your computer become a wireless router

2018-01-12 12:58:01

Own wi-fi in

to open the computer, the computer become a mobile hotspot, can be said to be every user want to do.Because in the modern life, people are becoming more and more inseparable from the WIFI, there is WIFI, you can freely surf the Internet.But want to open the WIFI in a computer is not a simple matter, because this function is usually hidden in a very secret place.Then, small make up in Windows 7 system, for example, to teach you how to open the WIFI function in a computer, let computer become a wireless router.

first step

notebook open wireless network card (desktop computers with wireless LAN CARDS installed driver can, can't find the driver can try to drive the life or driver elves, installed the driver life or driver elves delete that takes up space, to ensure that the driver has been installed correctly.

in the second step in the search bar enter CMD found CMD. Exe, in CMD. Exe right click on the "run as administrator".In the pop-up window of black input [netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = wuxian key = 1008610086], then press enter.Allow the mode: a model for open virtual wireless SSID: is your cell phone and search to the wireless network name.Can be changed in any combination of letters and Numbers.Key: is your wireless network password, you can be changed in other alphanumeric combination (at least eight).After enter after the show, left click, open network and sharing center 】 【 left click "click change adapter Settings!".In the wireless network card driver installation under the condition of normal: enter inside you will find change adapter Settings 】 【 a network adapter for more [Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport 】 wireless network connection, right-click on the link - renamed "WiFi" convenient memory.And another 【 802.11 n * * * * * * * * *] don't need to change it.1) if your network has its own broadband account and password (that is, the need to boot and dial-up) to connect to the network on the Internet: the right click on "broadband link" [properties].

if your computer dial-up automatically by the switch or router to connect to the Internet, such as on the local connection open WiFi hotspot right attribute.Now built a suffix on the surface of the table for the new text document 】 【. TXT called the "open WiFi hotspot".Then open, input: inside the netsh wlan start hostednetwork.Note: if you can't see the. TXT 】 there is only one "new text document" refer to the third step in the window, open the black inside the input command netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork 】 【 directly open the WiFi.Finally renamed "open WiFi hotspot. CMD".Conclusion:

small make up in this paper to introduce the method how to set the WIFI for Windows 7.But everyone through above also realized that the whole process is very complex, and also design in some code.So small make up think if it is not necessary, at the same time, it is not computer professionals, still had better not to set computer WIFI.Because there is a certain risk.Of course, you can through other ways to make computer wireless router, now a lot of third party software are done very mature.

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