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wireless router setting method detailed

2018-05-18 11:45:18

[IT168 application] After buying the beloved notebook, the first thing is to quickly connect to the Internet, then download various software, watch various American dramas, play various online games, and visit various websites. So the first thing to solve is to set up the wireless router first. Today I found a detailed Router Settings article in this forum. Share to our customers.

Original Address: [click here] Author: yfokok

After being fed up with the complicated connections on the desktop and only after a fixed connection, I finally lost my first wireless device and finally got it. There is one more thing that comes with it. . . However, it was sent to others. The tragedy caused me to send two things today using 82 quick money.

Wireless Router Settings This article will show you this shared Internet access device in the following ways.

I. Overview

II. Appearance

III. Settings

4. Summary

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