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xp how to set up a wireless network? xp system to set the wireless network method

2018-01-11 15:01:39

many people think that setting a wireless network with Windows xp system setting method is not the same.From the perspective of the system of current computer use, than common some xp system, Windows system about Windows system set up wireless networks should all are familiar with.But xp system set up wireless network method as long as according to the related steps, you will also feel very simple, after all, the two systems are in common.The small make up to you to introduce about xp system set up wireless network method.Method one:


1, right-click on the desktop "Online neighbors "Select "Properties throughout the &;.

2, entering the "The network connection "First "Local connection "Shut down, and then right click the "Wireless Internet connection "Enabled.

3, wait for a while "Notification bar "Automatically detects "Wireless network ".

4, click "Detect network prompt "Enter the selection "Wireless network "Window, double-click the home & Shared by the other;Wireless network "Such as "Huawei_90CCFC ".

5, I was in "Wireless router machine "Set in the password, then click "Connection ".

6, wait "Data communication "After that has been connected.After

7, connection "Notification bar "A prompt connection is successful pattern.Method 2:


1, to enable wireless card: please first confirm that wireless network card driver is installed correctly, and open the wireless card antenna switch.Lenovo notebook mostly FN + F5 (or F4) work.

2, mouse the left key click "Start - control panel - network and Internet connections - network connections throughout the &;And the right mouse button click "Wireless Internet connection ", and then select "Properties throughout the &;.

3, click "Wireless network configuration "TAB, check "I use Windows configuration of wireless network Settings "The wireless network configuration program, start the system.

4, selected needs to connect wireless network, click on the lower right "Connection ".If choose wireless network set up a security password, will prompt for the network key.After the network key click "Connection "To continue.After

5, the connection is successful, will show connected.Method 3:


1, the first need your computer has a wireless network card, open the computer wireless capabilities.Check the state of the local connection, right-click on local connection "State "In the second column "Support "Click " options;Specific information ", record the DNS server address.

2, and then in the first column "Regular "Click " options;Properties throughout the &;, select the third "Senior "In "Promised to other Internet users through the computer Internet connection to connect "Ticked up front, then click "Identify ".

3, in the wireless network connection right choice & above the other;Properties throughout the &;In "Regular "Option in the double-click "TCP/IP protocol ", click "Use the following IP address "A subnet mask, IP address entered: point "Identify ".

4, then in the second column "Wireless network configuration ", "I use Windows configuration of wireless network Settings "In front of the box, then click on the following "Senior ", select "Only the computer to the computer (specific) "Then click "Shut down ".

5, select "Add "Option, the following "Automatic throughout provides key & for me;In front of the box, and then in "Throughout the network name &;There entered you to set up the wireless network name, in "Network throughout the key &;There entered to set up the key, then click "Identify ".

6, set up your mobile device, due to different mobile devices have different Settings, but the general idea is to set "WLAN security mode "Choose WEP, "WLAN security Settings "Choose inside "WEP key set ".

7, in "WEP key "This column into the notebook inside above Settings of the wireless network password, the IP address of the mobile devices: subnet mask: default gateway: primary DNS address:, regardless of the other.Is more than

small make up to introduce about xp system set up wireless networks of three specific methods.Xp system can be seen from the above steps is roughly set up wireless network is the same with Windows system setting method.Should pay attention to before you in setting up a wireless network wireless networks have clock in, otherwise, you won't even connect a half-day on wireless networks.And pay attention to the wireless network and wireless network card can't be repeated even prior to determine the wireless network wireless card from the card slot.

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